The Vampire Diaries: The Freakin' Tomb

Even though all the vampires are all out of that freakin tomb, there's still no sign of Bonnie and the more I look at Slatzman (Matt Davis) he looks like that angel from Supernatural and Lost (Mark Pellegrino).  It's a good thing.

I like Damon because he's sarcastic, witty, and just doesn't give a damn, but is that going to get old?  As long as he's still funny I don't think so.

I'm glad they finally found Vicki's body and now I think good ol' Jeremy is having second thought about being turned.  I'm glad they took care of that quick, I didn't want episodes to drag out with him begging Anna to change him.  Then I'd start to want to call him Bella.  I'm glad they found her body, it was really bothering me how her mom, the dazzling Melinda Clarke was really nonchalant about her daughter's absence.

Caroline STILL found a way to make Vicki's death about her. Who cares that Matt asked her to leave and went for Elena.  His sister is dead!  Jeez Caroline, where's Bonnie to put you in line.

Random moments of giggles?
Damon killing that lady.
Saltzman hitting Damon.
Caroline getting lost.
Anytime Damon spoke.
Stefan curled up with a bag of blood like it was a hot mug of chocolate milk.

lol, he's got the taste for it now!  Run!

btw, the good-looking freed vampire Harper's real name is Sterling Sulieman.  He doesn't have a wikipedia page!  ahhh!  He has to have one.  It's hilarious that he apologize to that guy before killing him and then taking his clothes.


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