24: What in the world President Hassan?

In between me making fun of Kayla during last week's 24, by saying things like "Where's Tarin?  Is Tarin coming?  Tarin wouldn't hurt a fly."  At random times during the episode, I would say this because we all just had to laugh at how simple she is.

And her father is just as crazy.  He volunteered!  He told the guy from the Unit take me with you, and he surrendered.  It was such a messed up episode.  I long for the days of Sherri and her backstabbing ways.  Monday President Logan is back.  You know when a show isn't a good as it used to be when a whole room of people cheer at the sight of a former villain, who got stabbed in the neck by his ex-wife.   

He voluenteered.

Chuck ended the way I thought it would from the moment we learned that Sarah killed his wife.  I didn't know how it would happen, which is what made it a good episode, but I knew what was going to happen, I didn't think that Chuck would still be the one to do it though.


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