I'm approaching 2010 differently than 2009.  Like I told you guys before I applied to 30+ jobs last year and got nowhere.  Editorial Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Public Relations, assist in the tv, film and publication industry and more of the same, no, no and no.

So while at work and at home I've decided to ramp up my literary agent search, it really is a shame to have a finished book but no one to pimp it.  My dad and I both have books and no takers.  I'll still job search, but I won't hinge everything on getting that one job.  I'm going to lay my eggs in different baskets and try it this way.  Last year I was solely dependent on just the job only but now I'm looking at the job and the book.

Web Design -
Writing -
Promoting - (my dad's books and my short stories)
Graphic Design - book marks, flyers, posters, banners, there's more I can't remember

My point is I'm not just doing nothing and just waiting for the job market to get better.  Today I've been making a new list of literary agents and publishing companies to approach about taking my and his novels but these residents keep asking me to do stuff for them and the phone keeps ringing.

They act like I actually work here or something.  I do work here, but reading Nathan Bradford's blog is a heck of a lot more important than whether or not this person who just called has the right number or not.  They didn't by the way, which was a waste of my time right now.

It looks like my dad and I will be launching our second books during DragonCon.  We're going to get a booth, there's a whole story to it but I haven't mapped it out yet and I don't want to say much more.  We literally decided this the day before yesterday so, if anyone has any plans or ideas let me know.

In any case, expect more from me soon.  Always.


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