The Twilight Series

I watched a RiffTrax of Twilight the other night and I thought it was hilarious.  I wish Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was still on.

Anyway, I like Twilight.  I need to get that out of the way before I get angry messages. Maybe I don't like Twilight the same way that you do, but just know that I enjoy the series.  I have a love/hate relationship with Twilight that no one needs to understand, but just acknowledge that it exists.  I think that no matter how how much sense Twilight doesn't make, I will always like it.  I realize that sentence doesn't make any sense but it's my logic, and it's my money I spend on these movies so...that's that. 

I like Twilight, because it reminds me of Roswell.  Yes, yes, I'm sure most of you are like wtf?

-But not just because Bela and Edward are star crossed lovers like Max and Liz.

-Not just because Edward is a vampire and Max was alien. 
(Bela turns into a vampire and Liz an alien later on.)

-Edward like Max did for Liz rescuing Bela from death.  (Would Bela have died?)
-And also they're lab partners!  Like Max and Liz.

-I don't know why I like Twilight.  I do have my issues with the glittering.  It would really suck for me to be killed by someone who glitters.  But I'm used to my vampires to be worried about the sun, but oh well.  She gets points for originality. 

I like that it's a love story.  I know people think that Bela's whiny and sets women back a million years, but in some ways so does Grey's Anatomy.  But look at the other side of things, Edward is just as bad.

What kind of vampire longs for a human?  Sure, it happened on Buffy, but was Buffy really human?  Or in a category all of her own.  In my opinion Buffy is just as supernatural as the vampires she fights.  She has to.  My point is, Edward, a eternal vampire, who has all these years of knowledge and experience would rather spend his time with a teenage girl.

If I was a vampire I'd probably be like, Rosalie and act all mean to Bela for wanting to give up her human life.  But I'd be mean to Edward for wanting to spend his time with a teenage girl, what could she possibly offer him in a conversation that he hadn't heard before.

But there's still a lot there.  That he can't read her mind, which yes, opens up a lot for Bela jokes, but since he can't read her mind she's different to him.  She has something new and unpredictable to bring to him. It's like Sookie on True Blood, but they're two different shows to me, and Sookie is not Bela, I can't even get into what Sookie is about right now.

Which is why I had so many issues with New Moon.  Tell me is the book better than the movie?  It has to be.  I haven't had the time to read the books.  I want to.  I have the first one.  I feel wrong about reading New Moon without reading Twilight, that's just dumb to me.

But I like Jacob and I wanted to see more about him and his relationship with Bela.  Instead it just really looked like Bela led him on all summer because she missed her boyfriend.  Mean.

The whole movie Bela's sad and I wanted Jacob to be happy.  I guess that means I'm Team Jacob, I'm not sure what that exactly means though.  I don't talk to other Twilight fans.  They scare me.  We didn't get to see the other vampires, which was annoying because those are some of my favorite parts.  I did like the dad, the dad is great, you can tell that he loves his daughter and I enjoy it when he comes on screen.  I know it's going to be a good/touching scene.
I love promo pictures

I like Twilight better than New Moon and I really, really hope to like Eclipse better than New Moon.  I have NO IDEA of what's going to happen in Eclipse.  I want to keep it that way, I like being surprised.

Vampires at True Dusk
a short story that's a crossover of Buffy the Vampire Slayer all sorts of "other" vampires drop in through the Hellmouth. The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight vampires.


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