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Michelle Obama On Choosing Her Husband

I don't have a husband, I definitely do not want to be one of those women who have so many ex-husbands they can get together and write a tell all book, or start a basketball team.

You just need to find one great guy. Who better to listen to for relationship advice than Michelle Obama?

Ivy League educations aside I think that there's a Barack Obama side to every great man who is husband-material.

Last year ABC wrote an article on her called Michelle Obama….Oprah 2.0? Shebasically says that she was attracted to how cute Obama is and more importantly the relationship he has with her mother and how he treats women. I think those are very great qualities to start off with.

A lot of men think it's about money for a lot of women; I don't know the percentages but I know that a couple who are together because of money will not last long (look at history, they never do). But not Michelle.

The Nuptials
After dating for three years, Michelle and Barack tied the knot on October 3, …

My Favorite 4a Staples: Vlogs, Products, and

If you're considering going natural or you already have and you're tired of all the tutorials that tell you how to get your hair to look like this:

When your hair really looks like this

When I first went natural my hair was tight, kinky, coily and poofy, and I could not figure out why it was so hard and so poofy and how to make it hang.

Here's the secret ingredient to making it soft and to make it hang.

I check out these blogs daily:

Not only does her site serve as a portal to many other naturalistas she adds a mental aspect to the world of being natural that helps you not only get through the transition phase of going natural but how to deal with people after you've gone natural.  The site is also informative when it comes to just learning new hair styles and how popular natural hair is.

YouTube Vlogs
These 4a or 4b ladies have been really helpful on my natural hair care journey
She's not a 4a, but she's very knowledgable and v…

Criticize Science Fiction for Not Explaining the FICTIONAL Science

I hate it when people criticize science fiction for not being REAL science fiction.  


What is real science fiction?  I keep hearing it about my stories because people want me to explain the science behind stuff.  Here's a newsflash people.  

It's not real.

No one ever said, gee, I really wish Doc Brown would have really given us a lesson on how the flux capacitor works.

You have to be kidding me; it's lights in a Y shape.  There is no scientific basis for how it works.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Then you have people who want to know how the space ship works.  I don't ever remember Star Wars explaining how C3PO worked, you just knew he worked.  

It wasn't even until some thirty years later that Lucas even attempted to explain what the Force is.  You just knew it was a thing, you didn't need to know how it worked.  I just can't stand these unhappy people who decide to get a bug up their butts about anything.  Anything.
Who ever said, "well he never explain…

It is Like Drowning

It is like drowning, the undertow has taken you under and you realize that there was no manual to begin with.  Everything you do and every move you make will be the wrong move especially since you don't even know which way is up.  You don't know which way you've come from and you don't know where you are going.

You're just expelling as much energy as you possibly can, you can hear the cacophony of sounds of people saying things to you with all kinds of background noise going on.  It's a jumbled mess of horrible advice; some you asked for and some you didn't.

Some are shouted as loudly as they possibly could trying to persuade you for their own means and their own agendas, some are whispered because they have their own problems to deal with and instead of saying, I don't know, they make up answers they shouldn't be giving in the first place.

You kick your legs and wave your arms doing so much work and going nowhere in the midst of the madness there…

Freestyle Writing Ideas

Freestyle Writing Doesn't Have to Make Sense and it Won't

She got up to the sounds of happy children playing in the street.  She couldn't fight the inevitable; she had to get up today.  Nothing could satisfy what she wanted out of the day that awaited her.  It would be the same as every other day, manual labor.  Cleaning, moving things from here to there, watching television and searching through the classifieds.  Irritated with her status in life she began to think of all the awesome scenarios that would never ever happen to her.

The first one was a simple wish, to join the ranks of the undead, to become a beautiful vampire, the Anne Rice kind of vampire that can just go into a deep sleep when bored with the world.  Doing nothing and not being aware of not doing anything appealed to her.

The second fantasy was more complex than just doing nothing for a couple of hundred of years.  A knock on the door would disturb her from her depressing thoughts, when she answered the d…

Natural Hair Journey

Living in West Virginia is a little tough when it comes to natural hair. I was able to go to Charlotte this year and there were so many fabulous ladies there with so many awesome natural styles.  But here in West Virginia the one experience I've had with another African American person was absolutely terrible.  She was still stuck in 1990, talking about perms (when they're really called relaxers).  Natural hair is bad, it's nappy and bad.
Even though, I'm sure no one can really tell me why it's bad.  
Why because it isn't straight.  Like a white person's?
If white people, Latinos, Asians whomever can wear their hair naturally, why can't I?
And this is a question I asked myself in September 2010.  And that's when I decided I wasn't going to do things to please other people anymore.  It NEVER works.  

So I made some changes and decided to go natural and that was before, I discovered YouTube videos, blogs and other natural hair care sites.

My hair has al…

Climbing out of a funk

I recently learned a valuable lesson about trust. Greed. And something that I always can never beat crazy. Whatever you say to crazy doesn't matter. Crazy will have their own way of distorting the truth. You can't beat crazy. Only get as far away from it as far as you can by any means necessary. I'm just glad I don't have a pet bunny.

Natural Hair Adventure: Carol's Daughter

You know how you see people
talking about natural hair journey.
Well, mine is a freakin adventure.  I left a city with mostly black people where the stores were stocked with black hair products to a city where the white folks think hair I bought from the store is my own.

I joined thirsty roots to find some help, encouragement, and all I got was, chop your damaged hair off.  I don't want to chop my hair off.  So I weaved it until my hair was au naturel.  And now my hair is great and growing.

I've run into some problems.  For instance after I wash my hair and condition's still very dry and very hard.  What the hell?  Dry and hard?  Comb breaking hair...hard as a rock.  I've been trying every other conditioner I can out there but not getting the results I was looking for.  I know I sound like a commercial...but this stuff is amazing!

MARGUERITE'S MAGIC is the perfect name for it.  How my hair just takes to this product and absorbs itself into my hair is just …

Game of Thrones Rocks!

Here are my glasses, I don't care for them very much. I ordered black and those are on back order, so I am wearing these for now.  
Okay.  So.  Okay.  I didn't want to watch this show but this guy at work read the books, he recommended that everyone watch the show.  When he said it was Fantasy Fiction, people kinda turned their noses.

I used to have a whole thing about fantasy fiction, I kinda felt like, magic was an excuse for everything and that it really wasn't explained.  When the real reason was, I couldn't wrap my mind around it.  I'm glad for this point of view because it helps me understand why some people can't wrap their minds around science fiction.

Anyway...I watched it and fell asleep on the first episode.  There is far too much overtime going on.  Sometimes I can't even understand what they're saying; but I might be going deaf as well as my first pair of glasses last week.

The last episode saw was when the dude was killed with …


Ugh, I hate that I haven't been blogging since November.  Coincidentally, that's when my new boss' boss started.

I've been going out to dinners, I've been to Charlotte, I've been in overtime hell since then and my feet are HURTING.

But now I'm back for the five people who did read my blog to share a few feelings about some things.

THE HUNGER GAMES...are Awesome.  Old news I know.  I've been trying to find the time to read the last book.  I really feel like Katniss Everdeen is the reason behind the change in my behavior, lol.