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Freestyle Writing Doesn't Have to Make Sense and it Won't

She got up to the sounds of happy children playing in the street.  She couldn't fight the inevitable; she had to get up today.  Nothing could satisfy what she wanted out of the day that awaited her.  It would be the same as every other day, manual labor.  Cleaning, moving things from here to there, watching television and searching through the classifieds.  Irritated with her status in life she began to think of all the awesome scenarios that would never ever happen to her.

The first one was a simple wish, to join the ranks of the undead, to become a beautiful vampire, the Anne Rice kind of vampire that can just go into a deep sleep when bored with the world.  Doing nothing and not being aware of not doing anything appealed to her.

The second fantasy was more complex than just doing nothing for a couple of hundred of years.  A knock on the door would disturb her from her depressing thoughts, when she answered the door she would be face to face with a gentleman who claims to be a relative of hers and presents her with a check that ends in a lot of zeros.  It is her portion of her inheritance of her long lost relatives of the Watusi Tribe.  Her membership would finally pay off.  Financial stability will enable her to go out into the world to visit all the wonderful sights the world has to offer.  Including a tour of the worlds most amazing castles and palaces.

The third fantasy would be extremely strange to create a country where women rule everything.  They are not just powerful Amazon women in battle but in all aspects that control the rest of the nation.  There really isn't that much more to the fantasy.  Sports 24 hours a day and porn are banned from the nation.  Healthy, meaningful relationships are formed because of this and the country of Amazonia is the most desired nation to live in.  Women and some men, but mostly women, from all over the world try to apply to live there but they have to apply and be the ideal kind of strong woman to live in Amazonia.

The fourth fantasy is even stranger than all of the rest.  There's aliens.  There. You've been warned.  This is also the plot to my next story; but I've written two stories already and this story would mingle the two together and I need to be able to make sure everything adds up.  But the fourth fantasy involves another stranger, an alien stranger from another planet (because there are aliens that are from Earth) called a Messenger, they hate humans and want the human race to become their slaves.  Which is fine with one person because she's not particularly found of the human race anymore.  One tragedy after another befalls her and she's ready to flick humans aside.  She is given a weapon by the Messengers, that only humans can use, I don't have a name for the weapon yet, but it turns regular people into monsters.

After this woman exacts her revenge on ex-boyfriends, former employees and classmates she decides that she wants to control a small town and will do the bidding of whomever the Messengers wants turned into a monster.  I somehow want to add in the fact that she can kill her exes in an agonizing way only to have the ability to bring them back to life so that she can do it again.

Those are pretty much the main thoughts that I have going on right now.


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