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Iron Fist Needed A Bro #Marvel #IronFist

I couldn't get past the second episode of Iron Fist at first. But then I watched the Defenders and I thought, well maybe I should go back and try again.  And for whatever reason, it was easier to watch.  It doesn't help that all I know about the Iron Fist is that he's rich and Luke Cage's friend.  I grew up in the 90s and couldn't really afford comics like that so after I graduated high school I pretty much sat through Wikipedia and read a lot about the comics I couldn't buy haha.

Iron Fist wasn't one of them.  I read about X-Men, Luke Cage, Batman, Spiderman, Daredevil, Superman, Wonder Woman, ect.  So when I started to watch Jessica Jones, I really didn't know anything except she gets with Luke Cage and I didn't know a whole lot about her but I liked her and liked the series.

But Watching Iron Fist I just feel like they took it too far with him being taken away when he was a child.  We get it, you know, he was a boy when he was taken away his soci…

MCU: #Daredevil #Defenders Karen Page is In the Way

Out of all of the side characters, in my opinion, she's the worst.

She literally killed a guy, shot him, murdered him in cold blood okay?  So, this is what I think about whenever she opens her whiny mouth to say something to Matt.

Am I the only one who is bothered by her?

"Matt, don't."  "Matt please." "Matt you don't have to do this."

The Westworld Podcast

I have been extremely fortunate enough to find jobs that allow me to listen to podcasts and such while I work.  Great for me bad for my phone battery!

I really wish everyone would all agree on one platform to have their podcasts on because I have about three apps in my phone to listen to the podcasts I want.

I didn't start listening to podcasts heavily until I started watching Westworld.  I know people don't like to be spoiled when it comes to shows like Westworld, it's the kind of show of where you can follow along with what's happening as the show airs OR you can go online and speculate with everyone else, which I think is more fun.

There's a LOT of podcasts out there for Westworld.  Last year there were 26, I'm glad I double checked because in my mind I was thinking 70.  26 Westworld Podcasts

The one podcast I really like: The Westworld Podcast

Westworld was on around the time or during the election so it was kind of my escape from all of that stuff, these g…

My Podcast List!

I listen to a lot of audio.  It's because I read SO SLOWLY it's crazy.  My husband and mom destroy books like monsters it makes me jealous.  So I listen to podcasts, you can listen to them while you drive, clean, exercise, paint, be at work.

1. The Westworld Podcast, hi James, hi Ryan

I listened to the Westworld Podcast while I was billing invoices.  And that's the number one podcast.  They kinda brought me into that whole podcast world because Westworld has so much going on they make it more fun to watch.

They have a movie club I've been lacking on.  Boo.  Getting married and finding a new job will mess up your normal schedule like that ha!

I also started listening to a lot of audible books, which I'll get into later on.

2. Schools In Podcast, this is my cousin's podcast he's on there with two other people who are pretty cool it's a podcast that delves into rap culture and how it relates to society today.  They discuss how rap affects society and how …

My Issues With Being Mary Jane

There is no character development.

Mary Jane is still the same person she was in season one. She's almost 40 and she's still the same selfish self-involved person she was in season one. And her family is still pretty oblivious to the fact that just because their daughter is successful doesn't mean she has other internal and emotional issues.
The writing this season has been lacking for me. Niecey came to visit under false pretenses and complained the whole time.

"This place is a dump."
"Auntie this place is small."
"What you mean you don't have a car." Girl, you live with your parents and just blew tens of thousands in cash because you couldn't keep your gums shut.

Mary Jane has basically switched out Kara for Justin. Every time she has a problem, Justin what should I do? Can we rename the show Being Justin?
The Tomi Lahren storyline was pretty predictable.  I would hope that news stations don't run their business in a way that'…

Reunion Time: #GameofThrones The Spoils of War

Massive, massive credit to the people who worked on the Train Loot Battle I mean Massacre. My husband isn't interested in the "movie magic" behind the scenes but I think it's amazing. They used drones that can go 70mph to keep up with the action! How cool is that? The crew didn't hold back or skimp on this scene and whoever did the ash that was the awesome extra touch. Things like that really is the tip of the mountain that helps the scene look realistic. That's amazing.

This episode starts off with Jamie taking the gold from Highgarden and the plan is to bring it to King's Landing to pay the Iron Bank.
I think it's very interesting and funny that Littlefinger is trying to gain favor with the Stark children. He is probably also sending information to Cersei via Varys. That's my own personal guess because he's been a little skittish when it comes to the ravens and like Sansa said, "Littlefinger isn't a generous man, he doesn't giv…

There is a Certain Way I Would Handle Amazon's #BlackAmerica

I am very excited for the new drama Black America to begin.  I'm so excited I changed this map I found on PBS' website.  It's not the greatest map but I did what I set out to accomplish.

One of the things people should really understand is that this project was in the works before the Game of Thrones producers uttered a word about Confederate.  The issue with Confederate is that the history behind the confederate flag is stepped in the oppression of another culture.  The News Media needs to be more responsible with the way they report this upcoming project.

That's what confuses me about why people don't see the issue with Confederate.

What if we were to do a tv show about the extermination of the Native Americans?  It's just tasteless and Native Americans make up 1.7 percent of America.  1.7, yall.

So no we as African Americans do not want to have a show for entertainment that is basically a slave fantasy.  And that's so weird to me as how you can have peop…

5 Things I Learned from My Trip To Motown: Hitsville, USA

On August 2nd, 2017 I made it to Motown.

My father's birthday was coming up and I said to him, what do you want to do for your birthday.  He looked at me smiled and said, I want to go to Motown.

Now, this is funny because he ALWAYS says this.  And when we lived in Philly we would just laugh and just buy him a cake because it's a nine-hour drive.  We left Philadelphia seven years ago, wow, and I'm living in Ohio now while my parents are still in West Virginia.

I looked at the map and said it's a two and a half hour drive to my house in Ohio and a three-hour drive to Motown, so let's do it.

He rented a car my husband, brother mom and dad were off to the Motor City.

It was more than I expected.

A little background on my relation to Motown.  During the 90s we had a bunch of deaths in the family.  We would get into the car and head to the Chesapeake Bay and pay our respects.  But during that five-hour drive dad would pop in his mixed tape cassettes that he would make f…

Game of Thrones: The Queen's Justice Recap

The third episode of the seventh season is called The Queen's Justice.  It's aptly titled because even though Lady Olenna isn't a Queen her grand daughter was a Queen so we can include Margaery in that category.

The episode starts off with Jon suddenly arriving at Dragonstone when in previous seasons it would have taken him all season to get there.  Tyrion and Jon chit chat about Sansa and a little about dragons.  
Then we cut to the Red Witch and Varys have their own scene that's very ominous but her character frustrates me because she's been wrong before so when she says things I'm not at all inclined to listen to what she has to say as fact or foreshadowing.  But this is the second time Varys has been threatened by a Red Witch.  Last season a younger red priestess saw into his past as to how he was castrated it seems it was done to him for witchcraft purposes.   
So it seems this scene was written into the episode as a clue.  Someone is betraying Daenerys an…