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The Visions of Koto-Ryin and my WIP

I did a promotion that went pretty well this time last year, so I decided to do it again.
The Visions of Koto-Ryin - Science Fiction Novella

Promotional price: $3.49
Coupon Code: CE66Z The Visions of Koto-Ryin, is a collection of short stories that takes place after Return 2 Earth, when the assistant of an Elder, Koto-Ryin receives visions of her Deltorian ancestors from more than a hundred years ago. The five short stories are about the Deltorian Warriors, also known as the Delta Four who must protect Queen Lora and the citizens from Deltor from any harm.
Want to read the first chapter of my almost finished work in progress : The Quest to Save Xanar?
Princess Arianna of Deltor is in danger but she does not know it a dying Deltorian sends her a disturbing message while initating the return of the fabled Deltorian Warriors.  Two of the four warriors Lovo and Trystan believe that by staying close to the Princess they'll discover who's behind …

The Movie Takers Makes Me Mad

It should be ILLEGAL to take a great cast and just piss me off like that. 

You took a cast with some of my favorite actors, like not my favorite cute actors, but my favorite actors in general, because I don't dream about dinners with me and Idris, but I'll watch him, he's a really good actor.  So you had Michael, Paul, Idiris, Hayden and Jay jay Hernandez who I do dream about having dinners with and just messed it all up.

Absolutely criminal.  If you didn't see the movie STOP HERE.

There were cool fight scenes, cool robbery scene, the cool "we're going to go hang out because we're bad and we're rich" scene.  Okay, I just can reconcile with this ending.  I've never liked movies where the good guy is just going to go out and die for no reason and take his little brother with him.  What waas that?  No really?  What was that?  I know he shot a cop and blah, blah, blah.  Did he have to shoot the cop?  Did he have to die?'s a freaking …

The Twilight Saga: After Seeing Eclipse

So...I'm back on Twilight again.  I wasn't after I saw Eclipse and I turned away for a few months because my favorite line was taken out of the movie.

''The clouds I can handle, but I can't fight an eclipse'' -Jacob

I don't see why that couldn't be in the movie, unless it's in a deleted scene, but I have the digital vod version, but I digress.  It's one of the best lines in the book and they didn't use it.  Shame on you Melissa.  I'm half kidding.

I haven't made my way to the eclipse soundtrack because the music in this movie didn't grab me as much as the first two but here's some of my Twilight insights.

1. I still think Twilight is Roswell with Vampires

2. They should have kept in Jacob's line

3. Not looking forward to this one year apart two parter.  I want to try to wait until both movies are out but unless something happens to me in my life (say my own massive book deal) I'll probably end up watching it.

4. I…

Egypt As I Understand It

This is a post for people who just didn't have the time that I had to read all of this stuff and to look it up.

First let me start off by saying I thought Egypt was fine.  I know people who've been there, you don't hear about it in the news a lot, but I'm quickly learning that, that doesn't mean anything.

But I didn't know about Tunisia.  Which I still don't know how to pronounce, it wasn't really covered in history class.  Maybe it was in one of those AP courses. I don't understand how there's an AP History, which is probably why I was never in AP History, but I digress. 

This whole rioting thing did not start out in Egypt, it started in Tunisia.  Apparently it sucks over there, it sucks so bad that a 26 year old man  Mohamed Bouazizi in the city of Sidi Bouzid, had to take out the equivalent of US $200 loan to buy a cart so he can sell produce on the street to provide for his family. 

Some jerk, a police woman comes along and basically harra…

Twilight: Rifftrax

Spend the money to buy the Twilight and New Moon Rifftrax because it's hilarious.  Now if you take Twilight seriously and can't take the jokes then don't buy it but it's freakin funny. 

I brought the Eclipse Rifftrax and it was funny but not AS funny as the first two.  I just can't even get into the jokes because you have to see it, but lines like "Jeez you drive like a vampire," lol! 

The Vampire Diaries

Don't work double shifts on a daily makes you miss tv.

My dvr is all screwed up, I went from Suddenlink...don't get it, the dvr process is confusing and it sucks to Dish.  Which the dvr is great but the On Demand sucks, they want you to pay for movies that have been out since I was born.  But anyway I switched and forgot to schedule TVD but I forgot that I forgot to switch. 

So the next TVD ep I turn Stefan is in the tomb.  WTF?  What's he doing there?!

My mom's all, well Jeremy...NO!  Don't tell me.  I'll watch it later.  sheesh

But I did watch the following two episodes anyway...because I felt like it.  But Damon...oh boy do you need help.  I wonder if the Lost producers wish they would have kept him on the show because that due can act.  That whole scene at the end when he tells that women his 'secret' - awesome.

I think Fain and Craft said, "Look, Angel season 4...WE KNOW just shut up about it and watch this!"  And now they'…