The Vampire Diaries

Don't work double shifts on a daily makes you miss tv.

My dvr is all screwed up, I went from Suddenlink...don't get it, the dvr process is confusing and it sucks to Dish.  Which the dvr is great but the On Demand sucks, they want you to pay for movies that have been out since I was born.  But anyway I switched and forgot to schedule TVD but I forgot that I forgot to switch. 

So the next TVD ep I turn Stefan is in the tomb.  WTF?  What's he doing there?!

My mom's all, well Jeremy...NO!  Don't tell me.  I'll watch it later.  sheesh

But I did watch the following two episodes anyway...because I felt like it.  But Damon...oh boy do you need help.  I wonder if the Lost producers wish they would have kept him on the show because that due can act.  That whole scene at the end when he tells that women his 'secret' - awesome.

I think Fain and Craft said, "Look, Angel season 4...WE KNOW just shut up about it and watch this!"  And now they're like, "See look there!  What do you think about that?"  And we'd all have to say "Bravo, Liz and Sarah, bravo!" 

But I won't shut up about Angel season four...because I still don't know what the heck that was...Conner?  Cordelia?  Jasmine?  What?  What?  Okay, back to the Vampire Diaries, it is a good show and I'm grateful there's no monster of the week format and I think it's for the best.


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