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The Roswell Reboot (My Way)

I would not pick up where we left off at in the tv show, I'd just redo it
I don't care that show ended seven years ago.  They brought V back!
I could totally write the Roswell Reboot.  Oh yes.  I know I can.  I know exactly what to do, and I'll share that with you free of charge, isn't that nice.
Keep the fundementals the same, okay?
If we're doing a movie we need to introduce more sooner.  In case you didn't know, we're doing a series, wouldn't you love that a Roswell Movie Series.
We need to keep Max falling in love with Tess, I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!  We need to keep that.  Why?  So it'll be awesome when he realizes he really loves Liz.

We need to make Tess more evil or kill her.  And not in some cheesy, see ya later Liz, kind of off screen death.  It has to be major.  I haven't figured that part out yet, but she should die later...much later.
Are we forgetting that Michael has a brother?  Yeah, book readers know this...throw that into the mix…

The Band Ivy

I first heard Ivy during an episode of Roswell.  A show that I love.  I love that show! 
I'm still waiting for the movie btw.  I don't care if you get a new cast, I love the story.  (sorry cast, I love you too ;)  )
The song was Undertow, it was haunting and annoying because Max kissed Tess...on purpose!  And Liz saw the whole thing, but I was able to get over the fact that Liz ran to Sean during her prom.  ugh, Sean.

Anyway I was distracted by the music, it fit so well.  So I sought out Ivy, only to realize that other Ivy songs were on Roswell too.

But Undertow is not my favorite Ivy song.

1. You Don't Know Anything

2. Disappointed

3. Baker

4. Midnight Sun

According to windows media player these are the most worn out Ivy songs.  But wait there's more.

Practically the whole Long Distance cd was right on point.  Somewhere around my room is the article I wrote about this cd from when I was on the college newspaper, the Griffin, but then I think it was called The Fourth Es…

Inspiration Comes in All Forms

In case you haven't heard me shouting from the rooftops announcing that my short story Paradise One is out now in Science Fiction Freedom then maybe I need to shout a little louder.

I'd like to take a moment to give people a tast of the atmosphere of my stories. Yes, stories, there is a Paradise Two.

What inspires me? Well, things I like of course.

This isn't true all the time, sometimes there are things that I would have liked if they were done differently but those are few and far inbetween. Let's look at where my inspiration is from.

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion
Yes, the dark and eerie science fiction anime, NGE. I had no idea of what I was getting into when I picked up that box at the video store. Yes, kids, the video store. I thought it was going to be like an anime version of the Power Rangers. It was 1996, cut me some slack.

I am creeped out by this anime. I will always love it, but other times it makes my stomach churn. But what I absolutely admire is the mixture…

Who's Who? A Look into the Spiral Galaxy

So, I'm always saying read my book, read my book and I do get readers some like it some don't, there's people out there who hate science fiction, which is really beyond me but I don't judge.  Well, I try not to judge, I'm sure they judge me, I don't care.I think that I should use this time to introduce some of my charaters, I'm finishing The Quest to Save Xanar and what I mean by finishing I mean, it's finished but I don't know if it's ready.  But that's something different.The Visions of Koto-Ryin came out a year ago, after I finished the first draft of The Quest to Save Xanar.  I was given two characters that my father created Princess Arianna of Deltor and Prince Dante of Xanar.  They're a younger generation than the characters in Escape 2 Earth 2012 as I'm writing The Quest to Save Xanar I have different characters who either they cross paths with, team up with, or against.As I'm writing these other characters I felt like I w…