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Spy Night! 24 and Chuck!

Monday is my spy night, while the two shows differ in genre and seriousness I enjoy them both.

Holy crap!  No one told me that Freddie Prinze Jr. was going to be on 24 this season, and he has a great part too, did you see the way he sped that car in front of the motorcade to rescue everyone?  Awesome.

I didn't keep up on the news for 24 because last season wasn't really that entertaining.  I didn't even watch the last episode a) because my folks watched it without me and b) it was erased from the dvr besides I wasn't too interested anyway, it wasn't like Jack was really going to die.  And after the way the season before last season ended - with Jack staring off into the evening I wasn't really looking forward to the end.

But this season, it feels different, it's starting off very well and I'll tell you why:
CTU is back!  But the guy in charge is an idiot, ALWAYS listen to Jack. lol  Very funny about how he mentioned all the things that NEVER happen to J…

Vampires at True Dusk (Buffy, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Twilight Spoof)

Vampires at True Dusk

((I wrote this some time ago, when I was very bored and experiencing writer's block.))

When I get writer's block, I get silly and write fanfiction/spoofs check it out.

Vampires at True Dusk
a short story that's a crossover of Buffy the Vampire Slayer all sorts of "other" vampires drop in through the Hellmouth. The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight vampires.

The Werewolf in My Backyard
This isn't a spoof of anything it's just a silly story I wrote about a girl and her two friends who find out there's a werewolf in her backyard.

The Box Spoof
I saw The Box with Cameron Diaz, and I hated it. So I wrote a spoof about it to get my frustrations out there.

Tales of a Dietary Aide
What really goes on in the kitchen of a nursing home.

Hello 2010

I greeted you with an icy cold reluctance 2010, but I hope you'll understand why I'm being cautious.  You see 2009 and I had a relationship of 'whatever' and 2009 said 'whatever' back.  And 2009 became a whatever year to me.  Sure some pretty great things happened, but I'm kind of like that girl from Glee, Rachel and I want everything to be perfect and I want to have achievements! 

So listen up 2010!  I'm going to be 24 in a week and I have a college degree in an downard economic environment and that did not make for a good 2009.  So I'm saying to you 2010, don't frak this up for me!  2010 if you're not incredible and awesome the way I want you to be, you and I will have major issues.  Now here are the things that I want.

1. To join the science fiction writer's association.  Which means that I need to write more short stories and be a frickin' genius because getting published with a scifi magazine is just as easy as threading a need…

I'll Miss You David Tennant

Even though the last David Tennant episode aired weeks ago, I'm just coming around to accepting it.  I'm partially kidding.  ;)

Let me explain my Doctor Who journey.  It starts with my mother and father, they've been fans of Doctor Who since before I was born?  Or I was at least very small.  Then it went away and when it came back I was like 20 or 21, and my dad kept saying to me, watch Doctor Who, I was pretty much like, no go away, what kind of name is Doctor Who anyway?

Then one night we were watching tv and he put on Torchwood.  The name of the episode was 'Ghost Machine', at first I hated Jack for bossing everyone around all of the time and for being Jack.  But I got hooked onto Torchwood and I started liking Jack more than everyone else.  (I have various reasons that I'll maybe discuss one day.)  But I liked Jack, I liked him so much, I wanted to know where they heck he went at the end of season one.

Enter: Doctor Who and I've been watching it ever sin…


I'll admit, there was a time that I thought that Dollhouse deserved to be cancelled, but after these last episodes since it came back in December, the show has rocked. 

I still hold my stance that it would have made for a better movie series, but ahhh, I'm not a network exec...yet.

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers everywhere you look after this point last night The Hollow Men aired, so if you haven't seen up to that point and you don't want to be spoiled, read one of my short stories, lol.

Anyway, let's get my major issue out of the way - I don't like Caroline.  And what made me sure that I didn't like her was how she strapped Boyd to the explosives and had him pull the pin.  I know, I know what the other side will say, and I'll go as far as to say that they do have a valid point - that he used her too when he made her into a doll.  For me, the difference between the two is that Boyd didn't blow Echo up and he wasn't himself when she strapped him t…

Today's Promotions

Today's promotions included a re-creation of the Dimensions in Time cover -

I added comments to my page and added a picture to it.  I added the videos to youtube, smashwords and the ning sites that I've joined.

And yesterday I submitted my stories to a contest.  From 12pm-12am, and I even haven't gotten to explain everything those are just the big things that I worked on today.  I sat on twitter and told anyone who would read about my short stories and hopefully things will get kicked up tomorrow.

Goodnight all

New Video Trailers - The 13th Floor and Battle at the Revkar Portal

Here is my first video trailer for The Thirteenth Floor

Summaries of Stories

I'm exicted to release my short stories, I like them, but I'm going to say that because I wrote them. 

My mom seems distrubed by The 13th Floor, because she works in a hospital.  I told her that a paranormal entity really can't come to her job and terrorize her and her employees.  I mean, what are the chances of that actually happening?  And if it really does happen, do you know how many sales of this short story I'd get?  I'd be so rich.  So read the story and find out how Administrative Assistant Sarah Jacobson escapes The 13th Floor.

I am really excited to realease Battle at the Revkar Portal, because it's the first of a series.  It's an off shoot of Escape 2 Earth, my dad's novel. 

The name of the series is The Visions of Koto-Ryin, a Deltorian Assistant Koto-Ryin begins to get visions so she seeks out the only person she can go the soon-to-be Oracle Nolan.  She tells him about the visions she's been having about the Four Warriors that used to…

My Published Stories

None of these are by a traditional publishing company but I'll get there, we all start out somewhere.  I went to a writer's coffeehouse meeting last month, after Christmas and got to listen to Jonathan Maberry and Gregory Frost talk about writing.  Something stood out at me, and it was something Gregory Frost said. Or Greg, as I like to call him.

Are we friends?  No.  This is my first time meeting him (sorta) I just like to call him Greg and pretend like we're friends, I do the same thing with Jon and L.A Banks, so if I refer to Leslie, that's who I'm talking about, we're all friends, they just don't know we're friends yet.

Anyway, Greg said that no writer should ever stop writing, that "that should never happen."  So I said, that sounds good to me.  So here are the links to a few things I've published on smashwords. - Battle at the Revkar Portal (scifi) - T…

I Like TV

I like TV shows, my father says that he wouldn't like to write for television, but I think it's freakin' cool.

My first favorite tv show (excluding Sailor Moon) is Roswell
Supernatural is right after
Doctor Who

are all right after and not the entire list.