Summaries of Stories

I'm exicted to release my short stories, I like them, but I'm going to say that because I wrote them. 

My mom seems distrubed by The 13th Floor, because she works in a hospital.  I told her that a paranormal entity really can't come to her job and terrorize her and her employees.  I mean, what are the chances of that actually happening?  And if it really does happen, do you know how many sales of this short story I'd get?  I'd be so rich.  So read the story and find out how Administrative Assistant Sarah Jacobson escapes The 13th Floor.

I am really excited to realease Battle at the Revkar Portal, because it's the first of a series.  It's an off shoot of Escape 2 Earth, my dad's novel. 

The name of the series is The Visions of Koto-Ryin, a Deltorian Assistant Koto-Ryin begins to get visions so she seeks out the only person she can go the soon-to-be Oracle Nolan.  She tells him about the visions she's been having about the Four Warriors that used to exist on Deltor and what happened to them.  In this first vision creatures called the Revkar are breaking through a portal on Deltor, they want to bring nothing but death to the universe.  The Four Warriors must close the portal before it's too late.


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