Chuck vs The Angry Fans

I love Chuck.  It's one of my favorite shows, it's one of the few shows that actually make me laugh out loud.  So when I saw a twitter post from Josh Schwartz about angry fans with bad ideas I was baffled.  I mean, to me, Chuck vs The Mask was a good episode, it won't win any awards, it isn't a masterpiece but I felt it was a funny and interesting episode. 

The elephant on the internet is Chuck and Hannah and Sarah and Shaw.  What in the world indeed?  I'm not worried because Kristin and Brandon aren't staying.  I have a theory that either the both of them or double agents or at least one of them has a secret. 

I think the  big issue is about the way that it was done, Sarah and Chuck broke up like five or six episodes ago and they're already with new people.  I can see Chuck doing this, but I didn't see Sarah doing this and with another spy at that!  I mean she burried Bryce, she broke up with Chuck and now she's with Shaw.  It's a bit much.  I didn't see any chemistry between she and Shaw until this episode and now she's cautiously smitten with him.

It's counterproductive and an overreaction to call for people to boycott the show, it's a good way to get it cancelled and a ridiculous plan.  Just wait and see because there's a reason for this storyline.  Chill out.

But I'll end this by saying, Chuck is a fantastic show, I'm entertained by it, I can't wait until the next episode, I want to see what happens next and it keeps me guessing.  I wish there was a way to keep Agent Shaw on the show because he's...he's a good character to watch and it's Brandon Routh, lol!  Not to mention everytime Bonita Friedericy is on the screen I'm in store for a laugh.  I got a chance to meet her and her husband one time and they're cool people.  (I took the picture below.)


  1. I agree, Chuck is still just as funny as ever. And Shaw isn't staying anyway so why boycott something that's just temporary!? :)

  2. I didn't mind Shaw at first, but as soon as he started acting all weird and hitting on Sarah, I changed my mind. I want Sarah and Chuck to be together! But I won't stop watching. The writers are obviously going somewhere with this plot, so I wanna see what happens. Also, Chuck is one of the best shows on TV :)

  3. I like Shaw, I just don't like how quick he and Sarah started liking each other like I said she just broke up with Chuck and his wife died.


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