24 - What is going on? Who are these people?

Freddie Prinze Jr. was barely in last Monday's ep.  - strike one 24

But Jack did get out of his car - okay I'll take back strike one

Ugh, Renee - the strike is back

I've been catching up on all of the seasons of 24 these past two weeks, no I wasn't watching them when the show first started since I was 16 and probably watching Roswell.  But my point is, I've noticed that the season always starts off slow and then it reveals a much bigger, badder, eviler plot.

But I've never wished for them to just hurry up and get there before this season started. I always enjoyed the first couple of episodes, but between Renee depressing the hell out of me and me trying to figure out why I care about Jenny from the block aka Dana Walsh.  I think back to the good ol days of just last week (for me anyway) of when Jack's biggest problem was Nina finding him in the middle of the desert and President Palmer having to send the order to have him killed for peace.

Those were the days.  I miss Palmer.

I'm all caught up now and I just keep wondering when will the show start.  There's rods, okay rods are bad, I know this, but there's no urgency.  There's no we got to stop the rods now!  It's more like let's play around with Renee more.

If Renee dies, I wouldn't care, because she's kinda told us that she doesn't care.  So it's a win for all of us.  Take Dana and Arlo with you Renee.  That way we can bring Morris back and a Milo subsititue and we'll be back on track.  Bill, I miss Bill too.

It seems like 24 went out of they're way to replace all the people I like with people I don't like.  Will that make the blow easier to take, 24?  We'll see because one of these people aren't making it this whole 24 hours.  Hopefully.


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