Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke Steps Back

It's not quite like that. I mean I'm ecstatic that we're getting that sixth season, but what will happen?

I don't know how I feel.  Sure people are saying that this gives him a chance to come up with another cool show for us to obsess over later, but at the same time I feel like he should still be around.  It's his show, and I feel like he should be there from start to finish.

Now if he were to leave at the end of the Sam and Dean story and for them to try to continue on with new characters that Sera  Gamble and Ben Edlund created I would be okay with it.  But having said that, I don't think you can do Supernatural without Sam and Dean.

I think I can guess on which certain ideas are Eric's and what aren't.  I'm with 90% certainty that Bela was not his idea.  And I'm pretty sure he did not mean to keep Ruby around for as long as she was.  Let me clear that up by saying that I didn't have a problem with Ruby (the character) she had a part to play and she came and did what she needed to do.

But I think that he's there to keep the craziness from getting worse.  I kinda feel like without Eric we would have had another season of Bela.  (I'm using her as an example.  There aren't many examples to go on because Supernatural is a great show.  And I think it's a great show because of Eric.)  I'm not doubting Sera or Ben, but I feel like Eric had a baby named Supernatural.

Now that Supernatural is a teenager he wants to ship it off to live with the godparents Ben and Sera.  Sure Ben and Sara have been there through the birth and the long nights and when Supernatural got sick and all of that jazz, but I'm worried they're going to try to change Supernatural into what it's not.  Whatever that path may be.  When Supernatural gets back from the summer will it have new and great ideas? Or will it have picked up bad habits like hanging out with friends and new characters we don't approve of?

I'm cautious of the new venture.  Hell yeah, I'm going to watch it anyway, but will I cringe all they way through or will I cheer all the way through and say Kripke leaving was the best thing ever?

Only time will tell.  The season hasn't even ended yet so I'll reserve judgement.  Remember this Supernatural fans.

Remember how we freaked out over Paris Hilton and she was only in the ep for like five minutes?  I think it'll kinda be like that.  And wasn't even that bad. Well, I thought she did great, but I know a lot of people disagree with me, lol.


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