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Phew, Guess What?

I. Am. Almost. Finished!

I'm taking a break from writing my book to tell you I'm almost finished writing my book!

The Quest to Save Xanar aka TQTSX is actually finished.  It has been for quite some time, but was it ready?

Heck no!

I've gone through so many drafts, we're nearing the hysterical level.  But it's still not right, and it hasn't been for awhile, it still isn't, but I would put it down, write a short story and then the light bulb would go off, ah ha!  I would realize what my book is missing and then make the appropriate adjustments.

I was able to work on this book through the normal circumstances, work, school, moving, forces of evil on my ass.  Nothing new.  I have good on my side, I like to refer to it as The Force sometimes so I brush all of that away and keep writing.  I'm out of school as of last year so I've been writing more and more often.

Out of paranoia I had it copyrighted a while ago, and I also wrote a novella that takes plac…

Top 12 Favorite TV Openings

I was watching Burn Notice yesterday and I noticed, that they're opening is well, redundant.  At first I was cool, ya know, my name is Michael Weston, oh yeah!  Get on with the show, and now all these seaons later his name is still Michael Weston and the opening is still the same.

 Sometimes I don't mind it when the opening stays the same, like on these shows:

1.  Roswell
If you know me, then you know Roswell is my favorite show.  It had and still does have a lot of potential, I mean, come on, if we can bring back the Smurfs we can bring back Roswell.
This is one of my favorites because Dido is one of my favorite singers. This isn't the opening I wanted. I wanted the first season but could not find it.

2.  True Blood
Because the opening looks like soemthing you could film but once you thought about it, it would take a whole lot of time to do.  Besides were in the world would I find a dead fox to film anyway?

3.  Mad Men
No other opening looks like that opening and yes it&#…

Friday Fascination

I decided to start Friday Fascinations it's a medley of information. It will involve an Important Link, a TV Book or Movie Book of the Day and a Query of the Day.
Friday Fascinations

Link of the Day Predators and Editors Every author searching for a literary agent should refer to this list For more information on searching for a literary agent check out the BookTown linkResources
TV Book of the Day Pretty Little Liars is a series ofyoung adult novelsbySara Shepard. The series follows the lives of four girls — Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily — whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader, Alison. Three and a half years later, after the discovery of Ali's body, they begin receiving text messages from someone using the name "A" who threatens to expose their secrets — including long-hidden ones they thought only Alison knew.
ABC Family began casting for a Pretty Little Liars television pilot in October 2009,[11] and in January 2010 the network picked up the se…

Shows that I'm Glad Are Back/Coming Back

True Blood
I don't know why this picture was so hard for me to find so thank you Thanh T. from Gather

At first I was very nonchalant about who took Bill - still am.  But the way the season ended made me forget a little about the characters I do care about.  The season premiere of True Blood reminded me of what I really wanted to see.  Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, watching her run around all crazy is pretty good.  Eric!  Of course.  More Pam is always awesome.  Even better?  Pam and Lafayette.  And we can't forget my favorite character Sam!  Who's also on twitter @samtrammell

When HBO series only have twelve episodes a season, it's hard to believe a show has been on for six seasons and the seventh season starts June 27th so I'm very excited for that show to return, mostly because of Eric but also because of Ari.  He had the best storyline last year because of that whole thing with Gary Cole, watching Ari not have control of a situation is great, because you don&…

WIP: What Am I Working On?

I have several projects in mind, well started. What I mean by started is, there's a story start to finish, it just needs to be edited and then later polished and refined.
So in other words, a whole lot of work ahead of me. Which is strange, there are times when I get uninspired and just blah, no ideas come and I really do feel like there's a moth just fluttering around in my brain (for those of you who said really?? you do? my answer is no, not really.) But lately the ideas just pop from out of nowhere, maybe that moth is actually doing some work up there. I just need to be more effective in getting it all finished and done because before you know it, I'll have another idea for a story.
The most important Work in Progress (WIP) is The Quest to Save Xanar, I am currently in Chapter Ten of my scifi adventure. For the longest I thought I was in Chapter Ten, but nope it turns out I was in Chapter Nine the whole time, but now!  I'm in Chapter Ten, I'm sure of it.  While I …

The Dark-Side

Elizabeth tried her best to forget the nasty encounter as soon as it ended.  She took a deep breath and relaxed herself.  She tried to think about the time, yet that only made matters worse.  The time ticked to the tune of 8:30, which meant she had only been sitting at the front desk for a half hour.  She would have to be at work until 4.  Sitting at this desk for 7 and a half hours meant that she was guaranteed to get into another argument with someone who would just assume that she was just another uneducated girl at the desk.  Last year she finally broke into the business, she was an up and coming junior associate at a public relations firm and now she's just another uneducated teen working at a dilapidated hospital.

Well, at least the holiday is coming up, with the double shift that I'm working, and the time and a half, that boost will help me out with my student loans, she thought trying to tie her attitude around the hope of actually pulling herself through this financial…

Pretend Photographer Time! Part 2!

Pretend Photographer Time
Has become a moment of accidental photographer time, lol.

Fooling around with my camera, I thought that I had the camera on the wrong setting (I did) but I didn't realize that the picture was still capturing as I was turning the camera, and I got this picture to your left.

Any accidental picture that has p.s. I love you, my name and Stephenie Meyer in it must mean something!

That was a can I painted with my name on it, note the URE for Lauren when I was like six so give me a break.  I don't even know how I still have that thing.

Here's what the poster fully looks like.
I had such a hard time picking one side, but ultimately I chose the side with both Jacob and Edward, because Edward wasn't in the other picture and I just couldn't do that to him, lol.  When my mom told me she was going to WalMart to pick up some things so I gave her the cash to pick up New Moon and Eclipse.  I didn't even know there was a poster in the back of the book u…

The Strangest Dream! Gossip Girl

While I'm one degree away from being on Gossip Girl, I went to high school with a one, Richard Graves who was in a Gossip Girl episode (the blackout ep), it's not on his imdb page, because his scene may have ended up on the cutting room floor.

I never in my wildest dreams think thought that I could end up in an episode myself.  Until today, or ummm, yesterday, well last night.

I used to think that they'd come to Philly for an episode and I would somehow some way end up as an extra, but since I've moved further down south, it seems that I have a better shot of being on TVD than Gossip Girl.  But that doesn't explain this strange dream!

The dream was weird because first of all, I was completely aware of what I was doing, but I was not aware that I was dreaming.  We were all in France, the whole cast that is, acting out a scene with no cameras!

Where in an old French hotel and everyone was dressed up in these old French dresses.  But…


The morning rays of light flowed through the quiet room.  The birds annoyed her with their happy and cheerful chirps.  She sat and stared at the ceiling as an anxious feeling crept through her, she slowed her breathing and looked at the time.  8:00.  And as always the musician next door started to practice.

'I think he's more depressed than I am,' she thought glumly.

The night before was not the blur she intended it to be, every painful memory stung like a needle.  The a sea of faces flooded her memories.  The room was filled with people she had gone to school with and graduated with, yet every single one of them had trouble remembering her name and her face.

Most of them thought that she was a plus one, of her more popular friend.

The masochistic inside of her knew this would happen, but the soft spoken optimist that took a back seat in the room of her mind had hope that someone would remember her and want to know more about what she'd been up to for the past ten year…

New to Twitter? 31 Twitters that I Follow

What makes twitter fun are the people who join, it's just as fun to watch the crazy things people type as it is to get their wacky responses to other people or even yourself.

If you aren't on the list don't worry, I'm sure I'll be doing this again.  I didn't put down everyone, I'd never finish the list, lol.

If there's someone on the list you think should be on the list...lemme know.

Here's a list of people who I follow on twitter who do one or more of the following things
1) laugh
2) think
3) pictures of the set or backstage type stuff (entertainers)
4) post things they think is funny
5) share a common interest

There's no order-
-Her name is Julie, we like the same things

@TeeniTina213 -Her name is Tina, we like the same things

-I also have much in common with this young lady here


- Another tv junkie like me, we got to twitter to discuss our habits and plot direction

-I'm not sure, but he might be …