New to Twitter? 31 Twitters that I Follow

What makes twitter fun are the people who join, it's just as fun to watch the crazy things people type as it is to get their wacky responses to other people or even yourself.

If you aren't on the list don't worry, I'm sure I'll be doing this again.  I didn't put down everyone, I'd never finish the list, lol.

If there's someone on the list you think should be on the list...lemme know.

Here's a list of people who I follow on twitter who do one or more of the following things
1) laugh
2) think
3) pictures of the set or backstage type stuff (entertainers)
4) post things they think is funny
5) share a common interest

There's no order-
-Her name is Julie, we like the same things

-Her name is Tina, we like the same things

-I also have much in common with this young lady here


- Another tv junkie like me, we got to twitter to discuss our habits and plot direction

-I'm not sure, but he might be the sanest person on the list.

-Whenever I want a different view on SPN, I check in with her, chances are we don't agree on the same things, but she'll tell me why like a normal person.  Yeah, that was a jab at the boards - it's gotten crazy!  But the real reason why I follow her?  Because she's the first Trekkie I've met who's under the age of 30.  There's like ten of us out there guys.

-We talk about what Glee numbers we like the best, among other things (and SPN)

- he's portrays Teddy on 90210, no the new one, yes there was an old one, what are you 13? Oh, you are...well in that case a long time ago, when a song called "U Can't Touch This" was a hit, there was a show called, oh it's a long story...just google it

-just go to his twitter, lol

-Same for him, the stuff they type laugh and then you question

-I give credit to anyone who can be sarcastic and helpful at the same time

-I never know when she's going to pop in; delightful

-Very opinionated then I have to decide if I agree/disagree/or even if I care.  He loves Lost.

-I follow him because he talks about the characters he portrays like they're real people.  I'm sure that's the foundation for very strange dreams.  Wouldn't it be a wacky dream of Dr. Cullen bit Nurse Jackie?!

-another crazy actor/guy

-Actually his tweets are pretty normal too...on most days

-he's just not right in the head...he had to be on the list

-Why not be on my list AJ?  You show up everywhere else, in my tv shows, my web shows, why not?  I enjoy your work.

-I think I might know this guy from somewhere...
Nope, maybe I don't know him from anywhere at all.  Yes, that's me in the picture, the person hugging clue.

-He shares set photos with us

-Her sarcasm also touches my heart

- I think I might know this guy from somewhere too, if only I could remember...We are CD?

-They answer back, with awesomeness

- Gossip Girl and Chuck - need I say more?  Oh, I do need to say more, how about The OC, yeah!

She used to write for Angel and now she writes for The Vampire Diaries AND she has Starfish Envy, why wouldn't you follow her?

- We once engaged in twitter banter.  I'm sure I thought it was funnier than what it really was.

-He writes for Doctor Who and Torchwood - he's funny too AND he watches Justified

-She's so cool!

-She's major, she helps other writers

-I follow him on the off chance that I may be the first person to diagnose someone over twitter so I can find out just what is wrong with him that makes him so hilarious

-here's another one I think I might know, seven years, since I last saw you really?


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