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The Truth of the Trade

My father looked at me like he wanted to cry.  My father never looked like he wanted to cry.  He sighed and looked back down at his trowel.

"Where did you hear that word?"

I thought I was in trouble again.  I felt bad and ashamed like I shouldn't have asked.  I started to fumble for words.

"You're not in trouble, just tell me where you heard it and don't say it again."

"I heard it when I got taken by the fissure.  There were two men walking and one spat at the other one but he said that word before he spat at the other man."  My heart was beating fast again and my hands were sweating.  I knew the word was bad but I still don't know what it is or what it means.

My dad started to work again and he began to explain, "Aluna, do you know what kind of work your cousin and his wife does?"

I pulled some more weeds and thought for a moment, "They save people."

Dad nodded, "Uh huh, and you do know that those people aren'…

Aluna's Encounter

I planted my feet firmly on the ground.  I never felt more connected to the planet where I stood than where I was right then in that moment.  I took in a large, deep breath.  It felt like I was breathing in the essence of crisp fresh snow. 
And then I released.  
This part of the plateau no one was allowed near.  Off to the distance, I could see our city, Sheba, the buildings were made of gold and the streets were littered with diamonds and gems.
I zipped my jacket up and hid behind a large rock and waited.
The reason why people weren't allowed out this far from Sheba was because of the instability of the terrain.  The scientists said that our world sometimes would converge with another world; a more dangerous world.  
But this terrain was also where the agents came in and out of around this time of the evening.  I wanted to see who they were bringing back this time.
A crackling of lightning and static happened and immediately two agents appeared with a boy in their arms, not much…


It is an understatement to use the term "very frustrating" to describe the nature of sacrifice.  Because it trivializes what it truly means.   Nomenclature is important to working on problems.  It is the first step to identifying and dismantling an issue at it's root.

That's why when diseases are mislabeled they aren't properly treated because you weren't treating the right disease.

Words fail us constantly.  This is why I like the story of Rumpelstiltskin.  No one could figure out how to defeat him until they knew his name.  Names are important.  Naming your enemy or even naming an ailment is essential to defeating said issue or disease.
There once was a time where people sacrificed animals as gifts to the gods, or God.  Today sacrifice takes on other forms.  
We sacrifice our peace, our patience, our health for whatever little bits we get in return.  
The whole structure of working for someone else is a great way of viewing the structure of sacrifice.  You …

School's In Podcast

My cousin is 1/3 of a new podcast called School's In.

So far they've tackled, What it means to be a Legend and Colorism.

The Legend's debate left me feeling like R&B for female performers halted at Lauryn Hill in a way.  Sure we have Jennifer Hudson but it could be argued that she is Pop and R&B.

The Lauryn Hill debate is annoying because before any discussion can occur (I believe) a separate of the artist from their work must be done.  I cannot judge an artist on who they are personally, I don't know them personally.  I know them based on their music and how they've impacted me and how they've impacted people with their music.

The Colorism podcast covered an array of topics.  From apartheid to how lighter people in the black community are treated and the pressures that comes along with that to behave "more black".

This debate is annoying because there are still people debating whether or not it's real.

Colorism frustrates me because it&…

We Tied the Knot

Finally! Shawn and I are married. And while our photographers tease us with a preview photo here and there of our big day I can't help but take this time to give credit to where it belongs.
Consider this a huge thank you to the fantastic men and women who helped make our special day special.
Starting with our patient and gracious parents. Shawn's parents especially jumped in wherever we needed them to and more importantly stepped back when we needed them to.  The balance of that ebb and flow is essential to a successful day.  I'd say my top three favorite things to do was to pick my dress, bouquet, and food.
The day wasn't without it's hiccups. I had to ask my new friend to be a stand in maid of honor and she was flawless in doing so, no one was none the wiser.  I am grateful that she said yes and came to hang out with me while I got ready.
I was really excited to have a whole family in the wedding. Mom (bridesmaid), dad (groomsmen), daughter (junior bridesmaid) an…