Aluna's Encounter

I planted my feet firmly on the ground.  I never felt more connected to the planet where I stood than where I was right then in that moment.  I took in a large, deep breath.  It felt like I was breathing in the essence of crisp fresh snow. 

And then I released.  

This part of the plateau no one was allowed near.  Off to the distance, I could see our city, Sheba, the buildings were made of gold and the streets were littered with diamonds and gems.

I zipped my jacket up and hid behind a large rock and waited.

The reason why people weren't allowed out this far from Sheba was because of the instability of the terrain.  The scientists said that our world sometimes would converge with another world; a more dangerous world.  

But this terrain was also where the agents came in and out of around this time of the evening.  I wanted to see who they were bringing back this time.

A crackling of lightning and static happened and immediately two agents appeared with a boy in their arms, not much older than me 15 or maybe 16?

"Aluna!  Call for help!" my older cousin Ndulu commanded me.

I guess my hiding spot wasn't so great at all, I was scared to call for help because I knew I would get into trouble but as I dialed the number on my cell phone the boy began to speak.

He struggled to speak, Ndulu's girlfriend Kissa placed her hand on the boy's chest and sung to him.

The blood pouring out of his body stopped but he was still dying.  Kissa had harnessed the power of her voice to heal but it was a minor fix.  

The doctors arrived quickly and performed emergency surgery on the young boy right there on the plateau.  They made me help, I thought for certain I would be yelled at or chastised but I wasn't.

We were there for hours.  Finally, when he was stable and the doctor's felt like he was in the clear to be moved.  He lifted his hand, he was pointing behind me.  Another crackle, another distortion in the air, I could only hear the wind and I was gone.

I didn't know where I reappeared.  I knew I was in a city, but it was loud and dirty.  I was no longer home.  The smell made me want to throw up.  A group of girls bumped into me as they walked by laughing and looking at my hair and clothes.  My heart raced.  I didn't know where I was, I tried my best to not panic.

Then I heard my name, "Aluna!"

My cousin was calling me he was across the street as I ran towards him I saw a man bump into another man.  

The two sized each other up and the one man said to the other, "Watch it!" and he spat at the other man's feet.  

Spitting is a disgusting, disrespectful thing to do.  All because he bumped into him?  And what was that word he used?  I've never heard it before.

I made my way to my cousin and we slipped away just as easy as I went.  He told me he thinks I felt through one of the dimensional fissures.  He said he would fix me dinner and explain to mom and dad how helpful I was today.  

Later on, despite my cousin's efforts, I did get into a little bit of trouble.  Both of my parents were happy that I was alive but they were not happy that I was up on the plateau.  

My punishment was to help out in the garden more.  It was a strange punishment and I wonder if it was my cousin's idea.  Because I liked working in the garden.  I decided to not show enthusiasm for fear of what they may actually make me do something worse.  

The next day I was out in the garden, as part of my "punishment" and I decided to ask my father about something that had been bothering me.  

"Yes, Aluna."
"What's a nigger?"


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