It is an understatement to use the term "very frustrating" to describe the nature of sacrifice.  Because it trivializes what it truly means.   Nomenclature is important to working on problems.  It is the first step to identifying and dismantling an issue at it's root.

That's why when diseases are mislabeled they aren't properly treated because you weren't treating the right disease.

Image result for namingWords fail us constantly.  This is why I like the story of Rumpelstiltskin.  No one could figure out how to defeat him until they knew his name.  Names are important.  Naming your enemy or even naming an ailment is essential to defeating said issue or disease.

There once was a time where people sacrificed animals as gifts to the gods, or God.  Today sacrifice takes on other forms.  

We sacrifice our peace, our patience, our health for whatever little bits we get in return.  

The whole structure of working for someone else is a great way of viewing the structure of sacrifice.  You sacrifice your time, your day to get up and work for someone else.  And I can assure you, whatever they're paying you, they're getting a major profit or why else have you there?

But we are willing participants in this exchange.  We want our lattes, our game systems, our fancy cars, and whatever else advertisers tell us we want.

What is the name for that?  

Since always people have tied items to their identity.  This is a dangerous way of thinking.  I have a nice car and go on fancy trips so I must be smart and successful.  

It can be an all consuming disease that has been made worse in the advent of social media.  Because now, everyone is vying to keep up with the Jones'.  

This whole concept kind of reminds me of one of those truth commercials where the girl goes to buy a pack of cigarettes and the cashier says, "what are you willing to give up for it?"  And the girl rips off some of her skin for the smokes.

We do this to ourselves daily.  

We stress, we worry, we argue and work ourselves up in hopes of appeasing the universe and hope that all of our emotional turmoil will matter to someone enough to do something about it for us.  

But that't not how sacrifice works. 

We are our own stewards, we are our keepers.  More money will not relieve you of your stress.  It will create more because you will spend more and because you will spend more that means you have more items that you will want to acquire.  

It is a never ending trap that can grip the most kindest of hearts.


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