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Big Brother 19: Let's Talk About this Premiere

Welcome to Big Brother

I've been watching Big Brother since I was 12 years old.  Social games to me is what football is to my husband.  It's very crazy to think that this show has been on for almost 20 years and I've watched every single season.  Having said all of that I must say this might be the best premiere in a very long time.

I try to live tweet during the show (not really) I tweet on delay to forward past the commercials and also wait for my husband to join me on the sofa.  Every year I work hard to not get excited for the new season so that I'm not crushingly disappointed in the chosen cast members.

I couldn't remember who won last season and that's an indication as to how much I didn't enjoy the previous season when I realized it was Nicole that won I became re-annoyed all over again.  This is why I understand people's frustrations when they say they don't want any returning players.

But I think I can let it slide with Paul being there.  He…

Fear the Walking Dead: Drowning in Flame, Burning in Water

Fear the Walking Dead
Drowning in Flame, Burning in Water
Looks like I have a new book to read based on the title of this episode.  Not!Twin from The Following gives a book to Alicia titled Drowning in Flame, Burning in Water.  It's apparently a collection of poems and Alicia turns it down with the mindset that food and water are all that matters now, not poetry.
I get what she's saying but as someone who loves literature and has a fear of being without access to whatever form of media you can even if it's just a book hearing her say that makes me dismiss Alicia. Ok yes, food and water are important but the loss of knowledge is important too. Madison goes off with Not!Kol and confidently claims that he won't hurt her.

Nick accepts that she says this without questioning her further. You almost ripped his eye out with a spoon. Why WOULDN'T he hurt you? Is the bigger question. Madison and Army Co. get robbed by a Native American which gives me mixed feelings.  But…

4 Things I Wish Recruiters Knew About Me

4 Things I Wish Recruiters Knew About Me

There are so many things I wish recruiters and hiring managers knew when looking at my resume.  I wish they would see the tenacity, the pain, the disappointment and the perseverance.  As I'm proofreading this I'm realizing that everyone has a story, everyone has some thing or some reason why things are the way they are.  And it's up to me to make myself stand out from the crowd.

But I can still wish can't I?
I guess that's what the interview is for, right?  But how do you get to that point?  When there are gaps in your employment history.  You can't exactly put there were two deaths in the family, one was an unexpected tragedy in another state.  You can't put these were temporary positions that didn't work out.  You can't put I took a position that wasn't right for me.
Since I graduated college, like many other millennials you're struggling to not only find a career you're struggling to find and k…

8 Football Things My Husband is Excited for at WVU

8 Reasons My Husband is Excited for WVU Football

Who this Blog is Not For:
If you’re a sports fan looking for an in-depth, thought-provoking blog post on the upcoming WVU Football Season, please stop.  This blog is mostly for people who want to know more about WVU Football without having to bleed blue and gold for it.  (You want that blue and gold to stay in your veins).Don’t come here trying to school me and make fun of what I don’t know.  There will be no forum for that here. This blog is strictly for fun (and to maybe even learn something!).
All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight!
(Just kidding, we live in OH - no one is social like that, here.)I know, I know summer is here, there's 71 days until the first WVU Game and I’m already trying to talk fall sports.This is the same person who left the house for a month just because basketball and hockey playoffs were happening.  If you can’t beat them, join them, right? So I thought to myself, let’s give this football thing a good …

8 Things Christina Can Teach You About Motherhood

Summer is finally here! And for those of you with a bunch of little ones who better to ask than someone with FIVE children.  Three are still in diapers!
Christina and I talk almost every day and constantly she's sharing information with me that I didn't know or I'm glad to have her as a resource of knowledge and I'm grateful I get to get a peek into her life.  I joke and call her the young lady in the shoe because she knows how to handle her small tribe. 

Meet my bestie Christina!

What do you love most about being a mother?
The connection. I was an only child growing up and my parents were separated so life was pretty lonely. I love knowing that I'm connected with these amazing little people and that they'll have each other for the rest of their lives. 

When it comes to the children which is your favorite season?Fall has always been my personal favorite but even more so with now that I have kids. Fall is the beginning of everything exciting: school, holidays, snow..…

The Originals: Elijah Has Always Been A Jerk

I TRIED to write a post on American Gods but I couldn't.  That episode was extremely dull.
"The world don't operate on right." Essie McGowan.
Desmond Barnes tells a tale we don't see too often. The story of what it was like for indentured servitude.  I can't think of anyone who didn't have it bad in the history of the world at one point or another.
This episode reminds me of the power of unity.  It wasn't until the British, Irish, Italians ect all banned together as "white" that they stopped fighting against one another and all banned together as one.
During the Jim Crow era, legalized racism that lasted for 100 years (generations) black against white. And we're still fighting each other. 
This episode was so boring I really don't have any thoughts on it.  So let's just move on to The Originals.
Even Black Girl Nerds gave a super short post about the episode.
Next week is the season finale. If we take this episode out of the sea…

Books I've Read or Listened to 2016-2017

I've been fortunate in the past couple of jobs I've recently worked.

They were temporary positions and as a result they've allowed me to listen to music while I worked.

In an effort to increase my productivity I've been listening to audiobooks.

I'm in the process of reading for my own audiobooks and I have more respect for the profession than ever.

These books are in no particular order and there will be follow up reviews in the upcoming weeks for some but not all of them.

My parents live in West Virginia (even though we're all from Philadelphia) and my husband and I live in Ohio now so that two and a half hour ride between Ohio and WV is amazingly brutal.

At first you think it's just a few hours and you're right it is. It's also an easy straight shot.   The ride between our house and my parents is not the most exciting which is bittersweet because it's an easy ride that's not stressful at all but it's a boring ride.

So, whenever I can, …

House of Cards Season Five: Spoilers Everywhere

First things first...

Michael Kelly is a fool for this and I love it.  Obviously, if you haven't seen season five and you don't want spoiler's - don't watch it.

"It's My Turn."

I know why Claire didn't do what Francis wanted.

She's BEEN doing what he wanted for a long time.  It's her turn.  He wasn't going to give it to her, like most things for women, she has to take it.

Francis was smug all season, she's going to do this and she's going to do that.  He was even smug when she was sworn in.  "She deserves this."

It never dawned on him that she may do this, she's wanted to be president since day one.  He should have realized it when she killed Tom.  Did Francis think that she killed Tom to protect him?

This whole season was just an elongated mantrum.

Five Times House of Card's Characters Threw A Mantrum During Season 5
1.  Conway
When Conway was having a tantrum on the plane because the pilots wouldn't let him f…

Snowshoe in the Summer: Shaver's Lake

I've been incredibly blessed to have perfect days. Or even dare I call them perfect weekends or events.

I'm a simple yet complicated person.

Simple because it doesn't take much to make me happy. Complicated because I need two bags to go away for a weekend.

I'm working on trying to get it down to one, haha.

My love and I just left the Ginos in Summersville a little pit stop on our way back home from staying in Snowshoe for the weekend.

A friend of ours invited us up to hang out and little did we know Wanderlust was going on.

We didn't know what Wanderlust was but after this weekend and saying Namasate as sarcastically as we can throughout the weekend (it got old pretty fast for me but not the fellas) we learned enough about the event to know it looks interesting buy above my pay grade.  $400 for the weekend was my estimation.

Snowshoe is great in the summer.

Last year on the last day of the season Shawn and I got a pass where we drove an atv, shot clays and rode hor…

Things that Pissed Me Off About Fear the Walking Dead


This post will be riddled with spoilers from Season 3 episodes 3.01 and 3.02 “Eye of the Beholder” and “The New Frontier.”

Let me first say Mr. Strand is my favorite character and Ofelia.  Who we haven't seen in forever.  Nick is touch and go for me.  

Chris was the worst character I'd seen in awhile.  I tried with him and it's hard in a way because we don't know how much time as passed between him losing his mom and the timeline of events that has happened after season one.   Nick was the druggie of the family and he's found a way to maneuver in this new world and I appreciate how the show explained his focus.  It also pisses me off because in the event of an apocalypse we all would LIKE to think we're the Rick's, Michonne or even Glenn's of the world.  But what if you're a Chris?   I didn't like his character but it was still hard to watch his death but we all saw it coming in one form or another.  I'm not glad he's dead, I'…