8 Football Things My Husband is Excited for at WVU

8 Reasons My Husband is Excited for WVU Football

Who this Blog is Not For:

 If you’re a sports fan looking for an in-depth, thought-provoking blog post on the upcoming WVU Football Season, please stop.  This blog is mostly for people who want to know more about WVU Football without having to bleed blue and gold for it.  (You want that blue and gold to stay in your veins). Don’t come here trying to school me and make fun of what I don’t know.  There will be no forum for that here. This blog is strictly for fun (and to maybe even learn something!).

All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight!
(Just kidding, we live in OH - no one is social like that, here.)

 I know, I know summer is here, there's 71 days until the first WVU Game and I’m already trying to talk fall sports.This is the same person who left the house for a month just because basketball and hockey playoffs were happening.  If you can’t beat them, join them, right? So I thought to myself, let’s give this football thing a good honest try and maybe one day, one day…I’ll figure out why people are so excited for a bunch of 18-22 year olds running around on a patch of richly manicured grass (or 7 year old field turf - whichever).

Football Schmootball

I have never cared about football.  I didn’t grow up in a sports household even though that household was located square in the middle of Philadelphia.  I grew up watching Dr. Who with my father and The Fly with my mother.  Yes, that’s the Reader's Digest version of our household, but it wasn’t until HD TV came along that I could actually SEE the ball clearly.  Because of this, football is just okay to me, and I would always rather go off and do something else. Read a book, make a website, or write a book - anything that keeps me busy with my hands. I like football, just like it. 

However, my husband LOVES football.  Therefore, here is my honest, real attempt to like football as much as he does.  I figure if I can blog about it, maybe I can learn something and see something that I wasn’t seeing before. Football is one of the very few topics I can’t argue with him about when it comes to mind-blowing discussion.  It is annoying.  If he tells me Tom Brady followed by Joe Montana are the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, I can’t dispute that. I could Wikipedia it, but what fun would that be - where is the beer?   What team did those guys play for?  I think one of them played for the Patriots?

In a way, I’m basically writing this blog to give myself homework. This way, when I get to the game, maybe I won’t need to listen to my girlfriend endure my friend explaining to her how football works.  (She’s from Alabama and I’m pretty sure she knows how football is played.) Mansplain: (of a man) explain (something) to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.

My husband doesn't mansplain, thankfully, but I've seen it and it's harrowing, to say the least. We've all seen that grown man speak to a woman, whether it be their gf, fiance', or wife like she's a child. I'm SO GLAD he doesn't do that to me, but I've seen it plenty of times.  Every time, you feel like you're watching a verbal domestic dispute happen - it's cringeworthy.  Every time it happens, I fully expect the woman to slap her husband across the face because who talks to their wife condescendingly - IN PUBLIC?  If that's how he talks to her in public how does he talk to her in private? But I digress...
So, I interviewed my husband (and season ticket holder) on his favorite topic...


1.      Will Grier as a starting WVU Quarterback for the first time in over a year.

Great job Will!  But my first question is - Who is Will Grier?!  the hubby says it's looking like he’s our new quarterback, but why does this matter?  The only thing this means to me is that people will be shouting Will’s name instead of Skyler’s ---- hopefully with fewer obscenities thrown in the mix this time around.

2. Justin Crawford (Big 12 Newcomer of the Year) and his quest for 1500 rushing yards.
Find a new quest, Justin.  Apparently, that’s Wendell Smallwood’s single season tally before he was drafted by the Eagles. How do I know Wendell's name? He plays for the Eagles. Just because I'm not a football girl doesn't mean I don't keep up with my hometown team. I like Smallwood, and I kinda don’t want Justin to beat that record buuuut Smallwood is already in the NFL so…I guess he can stand to hand over the record holder title.

3. The development of the Defensive Line

I don't know anyone's name on the D Line, yet. We lost everyone! We still need to sack the QB - so apparently this is a big deal. Now I have something to look in to! This is probably the only thing on my list that I’m excited about this football season besides tailgating. WVU fans like to drink - I learned that really early on! Our tailgate plans have changed over the past couple of year. One couple moved to Texas - one friend found a family. The TX couple had the audacity and nerve to move to Texas for a “better life” or whatever since one of them got a promotion.  I congratulated them, but it was through gritted teeth because how dare they!  I think my happiness for their happiness outweighs my need to have them around - but it’s not by much.  It would be so much easier if they would stop being awesome.  So annoying!

4. The return of Offensive Lineman Yodny Cajuste and Safety Dravon Askew-Henry
Who?  I’m going to fail whatever quiz my husband and father-in-law give me later, I just know it. Here I was thinking I just had to look at the Defensive Line! I did try to search for a video of Yodny with the hopes that I would just hear someone saying his name.  No dice.  My husband tells me his first name is pronounced as it looks - Yodny sounds like "Yodnee" and Cajuste sounds like "Cajoost". OK, sure!

5.  Getting to play Virginia Tech again and bringing the Black Diamond Trophy back to WV
Okay. Maybe I''m not as far off as I initially thought.   Even I know what this means.  I don’t think my in-laws would have me over to dinner again if I didn’t.  Hmmm, well maybe on second thought - I DON’T know what this is about.  I’m kidding!
Rather than my own version of a mansplain - watch this if you are not familiar with the rivalry (then ask yourself what you've done in your life up to this point).      WVU Virginia Tech Rivalry

6. The emergence of our next great Wide Receiver - will it be Ka'Raun White, Dominique Maiden, Jovon Durante,  or Ricky Rodgers
Who?! Damn it - now I have to look up the WR's too! All I know is that Ka'Raun is the younger brother to Kevin who dresses up in a Chicago Bears uniform on Sundays. 

7. Kyzir White's bodycount
That's all he said to me. That he's looking forward to a bodycount.  Sheesh! I had to ask what this meant since I’ve seen guys drunkenly shout…KILL HIM.  And I’m all like "Whoa…we don’t really want anyone to die! Don’t say that!" 
My husband has persisted that I youtube Kyzir White. Which brings me to my next question...If you kill someone playing football, is that premeditated?  There will literally be a playbook to show how you died.  It’s all planned out right there.  And, it’ll be on camera so you can’t say you didn’t do it or you didn’t mean to.  There are literally X's and O's to plot out on your demise. Do these guys sign waivers?  Are the families taken care of in any way?  Or is this like the Hunger Games and you’re just on your own if Kyzir White kills you? Final Destination - Sports Edition, anyone?

8. Can Tony Gibson replace basically the entire D and be among the top defenses in the Big 12 like he did last year?
Wait, he did that last year?!

 Be sure to stay tuned.  The first game is an anomaly (so I'm told) and we are making plans to be in DC that weekend.  This is what I looked like the last time I went to a DC game.  It was on 9/21/2013 and yes it was the before picture.  Hopefully next time with all the above changes this will be the before and after image.


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