The Originals: Elijah Has Always Been A Jerk

I TRIED to write a post on American Gods but I couldn't.  That episode was extremely dull.

"The world don't operate on right." Essie McGowan.

Desmond Barnes tells a tale we don't see too often. The story of what it was like for indentured servitude.  I can't think of anyone who didn't have it bad in the history of the world at one point or another.

This episode reminds me of the power of unity.  It wasn't until the British, Irish, Italians ect all banned together as "white" that they stopped fighting against one another and all banned together as one.

During the Jim Crow era, legalized racism that lasted for 100 years (generations) black against white. And we're still fighting each other. 

This episode was so boring I really don't have any thoughts on it.  So let's just move on to The Originals.

Even Black Girl Nerds gave a super short post about the episode.

Next week is the season finale. If we take this episode out of the season would it matter?  We'll find out.

Now on to the Originals 

I like this season but I feel as though these people need to get their cast nailed down. It's great to see Rebekah (Holt) and Kol (Buzolic) but if we're going to put Elijah (Gilles) to sleep every other season we need to be a little more creative about it.  Thankfully The Originals was awarded another season and will return in the fall and I appreciate the attempt to move the story along with shorter episodes this season but the storylines of each episode  - we get it the Hollow is powerful.
Elijah is asleep again. I'm guessing Daniel Gilles off filming somewhere just as Claire Holt and Nathaniel Buzolic were off filming other movies and shows as well and needed the time off.

If you check out Nathaniel's instagram it's almost as if he's never working.

So I can only imagine the nightmare it is for the authors to not only write a successful season but to write one around these actors' schedules.  Just name the show Klaus.

My cousin pointed how we have supernatural soap operas.
I love this show.

This idea of the Hollow is great and I've always wondered how there were different bloodlines of werewolves.

Having said all that I've said it's hard to enjoy this episode.  Rebekah's witty banter with Marcel is wasted on me because we know she's going to leave again.

It's hard to keep caring about the characters that keep leaving.

So Kol reveals that he's a traitor way too soon but it's a short season and Hayley and Hope will be vulnerable this night.

I'm glad Davina is back but also another short-lived event.  She runs off with Kol at the end of the episode and all I can think is, take me with you.  Are they getting their own show?  Please say yes and add Josh too.

I can't care that Freya has someone waiting for her at home that she loves.  Kol loved Davina, she and Elijah snuffed her out with the quickness so I guess since Davina is back we're supposed to forget and forgive all of that, "girl, bye".  

I like Freya as a character but she's so full of it.  She's a girl Klaus.  Don't be distracted by her love storyline.

And in this episode, we brought back one of the most useless characters on the show.
Jackson.  Jackson as the Hollow has done way more this episode than he ever has as just Jackson than any other episode of the Originals.

Despite my so-so feelings for this episode, I do like Hayley's confessions.  I've been unhappy for awhile at her storyline, jumped from one brother to the other brother then to Jackson and then back to Elijah.

And I don't even like Jackson and that guy never stood a chance.  I know he wasn't supposed to but I never had the feeling that he was strong enough to even take on the charisma of Elijah even with his "red door" foolishness.  And I wrote that last sentence before I read this article The Originals: How Trump Killed A Romance Between Two Characters

I can't even get into all the reasons why I can't stand Donald Trump.  You guys, we can't blame him for this.  Elijah has been a psycho from the start.  Aside from the fact that he's Klaus' brother, the father of Hayley's daughter when HASN'T a character on either The Originals or The Vampire Diaries done something horrible and then forgiven for it later.

Did I have to watch the show?  No of course not but it was just mind blowing me how the writer's eased in Damon as a love interest for Elena even AFTER he killed her brother.  He KILLED HER BROTHER.  How would I feel if my brother fell in love with a vampire and that vampire killed me MAGICAL RING OR NOT I'M GONNA BE PISSED.

So now Elijah, who IS one of my favorite characters don't get me wrong, but let's not pretend he isn't who he I'm glad that episode of "going in Elijah's mind" happened because he's a jerk.  He's not a good guy.  He lies and does whatever he wants.  I wish we would just write Elijah the way he really is call it a vampire crisis.  Maybe turn off his switch.  But come on this show has always been the show where the men treat the women poorly and the guys do whatever they want.

Let's not pretend it's Donald Trump's fault that Hayley shouldn't be with Elijah.  Hayley shouldn't be with Elijah because he's a jerk.  I guess I'm just venting I've been simmering about Elijah ever since he lied to Damon, Stefan and Bonnie and said he was going to kill Klaus.

And I go as far as to ask...if Elijah had to choose between Hope and Klaus and he thought no one would find out.  He'd pick Klaus every single day of the week. So I'm glad the writers and producers took a step back and saw what they've been putting out there for what nearly a decade?

I guess this is a spoiler, if you don't pay attention, or if you don't watch The Vampire Diaries or have never seen a television show before.

There are two more episodes before the finale and I'm kinda happy and kinda sad about it.  While the acting is great I feel like the writers were hemmed up with schedules.  I could be totally wrong about this and everyone's filming schedule was wide open and there was no issue with people's salaries.  But this season just feels weird and not just because it has been cut in half.


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