House of Cards Season Five: Spoilers Everywhere

First things first...

Michael Kelly is a fool for this and I love it.  Obviously, if you haven't seen season five and you don't want spoiler's - don't watch it.

"It's My Turn."

I know why Claire didn't do what Francis wanted.

She's BEEN doing what he wanted for a long time.  It's her turn.  He wasn't going to give it to her, like most things for women, she has to take it.

Francis was smug all season, she's going to do this and she's going to do that.  He was even smug when she was sworn in.  "She deserves this."

It never dawned on him that she may do this, she's wanted to be president since day one.  He should have realized it when she killed Tom.  Did Francis think that she killed Tom to protect him?

This whole season was just an elongated mantrum.

Five Times House of Card's Characters Threw A Mantrum During Season 5

1.  Conway
When Conway was having a tantrum on the plane because the pilots wouldn't let him fly the plane.  He legitimately sat down and pouted after he saw he wasn't able to get what he wanted.  I listed this one first because it was the most noticeable and the most overt but of course there were other times that the gents of House of Cards flipped out and responded poorly when things didn't' go their way.

I believe these things were done on purpose, it low key sheds to light how often not just women but mature people have to endure people in positions of power and how they abuse that power.

Image result for house of cards season 52.  Francis
The season starts with Francis starting a mantrum and takes over Congress.
Claire didn't throw a tantrum but every time Francis said something crazy to her and honestly I lost track, she would just get up and walk away.  Did Francis follow her, did he look concerned whenever she walked away.

No!  He just let her go and he left her alone.  And all that time she was plotting.

Francis thought it was great that Clair was showing "weakness" at the funeral.  He said yeah it was great, you're a woman so you cry at stuff like this.

No.  She was playing Francis then.  Boo hoo and the paper comes out with the daughter of the dead dad blaming Francis?  I'm sure his approval rating dropped and hers soared.

3. Tom
Claire telling Tom it's over.  Tom slamming the table and then "threatening" with that book he wrote.  Another tantrum.

4.  Seth
How is Seth not dead?  I thought he was going to be cool and suave when he showed up and no, no he's not, he's not cool or suave.  I thought he was going to throw a tantrum when Claire fired him but...I feel like it's still coming so I still added him to the list.

5. Doug
When doesn't Doug flip out?  When the woman admits that she knows who Doug is and that she actually hates him.  He shoves her out of the car.  There really isn't any protocol for that kind of a conversation but a mantrum nonetheless.

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