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Artist Spotlight: Maciej Rebisz

So, I have no idea on how to say the guy's name, but he has incredible talent going on.

Can you make that happen?  I didn't think so!  Oh you can, show me!  I like looking at art like this. I don't know where he gets his inspiration from, but looking at art like this inspires me.  Check out his site.
Art of Voyager

Escape 2 Earth Universe Anthology Cover Revealed

I need a creative outlet and while I've tried my hand at fan fiction, leading all the way back to my days of Sailor Moon - yes, somewhere around my house there's a Sailor Moon fan fiction, I was 13 okay!  Deal with it.  And then leading up to my days of Sliders.  Yes, there's a Slider's fan fiction around my house too.

I decided that writing my own stories is it's own reward.  While my father and I are on our quest to find a literary agent and ultimately a publisher we've decided to go on ahead and produce our own novels, while in the meantime looking for that special someone to say those magic words, "Yes, I would love to represent your work."

Even though, friends and family members for the exception of one or two don't share our passion for writing for scifi we will continue doing what we love.  So we work and work and work all hours of the day and night, promoting and writing.  We have this whole universe constructed in our minds born from his …

Thursday Night Highlights

FlashForward ~ Survivor ~ The Vampire Diaries ~ Supernatural

FlashForward was a little underwhelming.

A big deal was made of Demitri's death and it all turns out that it was the concoction of a crazy man, D. Gibbons aka Dyson Frost and we really don't know why.  He said that he needed to recreate the events as closely as he can but at the same time make a big reaction in order to upset the already set time line, but all I could think was where's Michael Ealy and Dominic Monaghan?  I still like the show and want a second season, but that ep was ehhhh

There's more.
A woman escapes from the custody of high security - fine.
The same woman tracks down an AWOL FBI agent right to the middle of nowhere and is able to follow him without being seen and is able to kill her target.  - what?

Unless!  She had a few flashforwads of her own and was able to predict this outcome all on her own.  But still.  There's this thing called logistics.  How did she make it across town in ord…

Success -

New Science Fiction and Paranormal Author Releases Novella

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, April 22, 2010 – Author Lauren A. Johnson., has released her novella, THE VISIONS OF KOTO-RYIN that take place in the Escape 2 Earth Universe.

The novella is a collection of short stories that revolve around the special born warriors of Deltor and their missions to protect their Queen and planet. Four years after the release of the origin of the novella, Escape 2 Earth, Johnson has written paranormal short stories while assisting her father the author of Escape 2 Earth and the sequel Return 2 Earth. “I enjoy science fiction and paranormal stories, so I decided to write my own. The Visions of Koto-Ryin is mostly focused on the aliens who don’t have much contact with the human race.”

The Visions of Koto-Ryin serve as a back story to Johnson’s upcoming novel, The Quest to Save Xanar that is due to be released on Labor Day weekend. The Visions of Koto-Ryin is a collection of …

The Weeping Angels

They're my favorite bad guy, I'm looking forward to the new Doctor Who episodes that feature them.

You can't fight them, you can't see them!  Once you know what's coming it's already done to you, you're already gone.  Stranded in a strange time where you have to readjust yourself into an old society.  I mean if I Weeping Angel got to me say right before Bill Gates could even think of Microsoft, I'd probably be ok, lol.  That is if I was able to get the money up to buy stock in MSFT.

But other than that, their real asset to being scary to the audience is the helplessness.  You don't know what's happened to you until it's already done and you're already gone.  Blink! is one of my favorite episodes, it was well done, the whole thing about the transcript and the Easter eggs is brilliant.

The Eleventh Hour and the Eleventh Doctor

Have I lowered my standards or am I just coming at this from a new perspective?

I like the new doctor.  Let's not get crazy, I don't think he's David Tennant, but I can see that he's channeling David, which is okay for now, I hope that Matt Smith will make his own mark as the doctor, but right now, even though I've only seen one episode of the new season, I like him.

I was having a chat with a longtime, probably before I was born (I'm 24) Doctor Who fan, who doesn't like the new doctor.  Is this an old/young thing?  Or is it because I started with David and I've seen most of Christopher E.'s episodes?  Do I like Matt Smith because I'm not a life long fan?  Is it because he did better than what I thought he was going to do?  I don't know.

But a few of the complaints I didn't think were that big of a deal, like, why did he keep getting into and out of the TARDIS?  Well, because the TARDIS was repairing itself.  I think another issue older f…

Supernatural's 100th Episode, Point of No Return

I don't know where in the episode was the point of no return, I thought it was going to be Dean saying yes and the reneging but...I guess not.

I was a little apprehensive to watch this episode because the last time I watched a 100th episode, Cordelia Chase died, and I wasn't too happy about that.

I'll start off with the bad.  I was getting pretty tired of the brothers constantly complaining about God.  And then Castiel jumped on board.  I mean, did any of the three of them ever consider that God is testing them?  It's throughout the freakin Bible you know.  All of the deadbeat dad comments and God sucks across these past few episodes have been a turn off for me.  I know, I know it's a show and they're proving a point, but I got it, we get it, Sam, Dean and Castiel aren't happy with God, no need to beat an already dead and decaying horse.

But onto the good.  I don't know if I liked this episode because of the minimal amount of God bashing (I don't th…

I Fight Stupidity with Sarcasm Everyday

But sometimes it's just best to say nothing at all.

A woman walked in and gave me the name of a patient.  I gave her directions to the floor that he was on and she said.

"Is that where he is?"

No!  I just shouted random directions to you for no reason at all.

16 Favorite Linkin Park Songs

This is not counting reanimation.  In no kind of order.

1. With You

2.  Lying From You

3.  Hit the Floor

4.  Faint

5.  Nobody's Listening

6. What I've Done

7.  Bleed It Out

8.  Points of Authority

9.  Place For My Head

10.  Papercut

11.  One Step Closer

12.  Breaking the Habit

13.  Crawling

14.  Carousel

15.  High Voltage

16.  Somewhere I Belong

The Vampire Diaries: The Freakin' Tomb

Even though all the vampires are all out of that freakin tomb, there's still no sign of Bonnie and the more I look at Slatzman (Matt Davis) he looks like that angel from Supernatural and Lost (Mark Pellegrino).  It's a good thing.

I like Damon because he's sarcastic, witty, and just doesn't give a damn, but is that going to get old?  As long as he's still funny I don't think so.

I'm glad they finally found Vicki's body and now I think good ol' Jeremy is having second thought about being turned.  I'm glad they took care of that quick, I didn't want episodes to drag out with him begging Anna to change him.  Then I'd start to want to call him Bella.  I'm glad they found her body, it was really bothering me how her mom, the dazzling Melinda Clarke was really nonchalant about her daughter's absence.

Caroline STILL found a way to make Vicki's death about her. Who cares that Matt asked her to leave and went for Elena.  His sister i…

10 of My Favorite Movies

In no order whatsoever.  I'm excluding trilogies except for Ocean's Eleven.

1. Ocean's Eleven

2. Lucky Number Slevin

3. The Mexican

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

5. Fight Club

6.  The Count of Monte Cristo

7.  The Departed

8. The Forsaken

9.  Dominio

10.  Slumdog Millionaire

The Journey...The Visions of Koto-Ryin

In case you did not know, and if you didn't it means that my marketing and advertising skills are not as sharp as I think they are, I've written a book.  It's self-published...Don't run away!

It's called The Visions of Koto-Ryin.  It's a science fiction novel that's a spin off from my father's scifi novel, Escape 2 Earth.  His novel revolves around the humans who have to escape Earth before the Dec 21, 2012.  There's subterfuge evil aliens, evil humans and a ticking clock.  But on the other side of the universe there is the Spiral Galaxy who have their own problems.  That's where I come in.

The Visions of Koto-Ryin is actually a collection of short stories that I've written after I finished the first draft of my novel.  Making the Visions of Koto-Ryin a novella.  I've also written a currently untitled novelette which will be out late this spring/early summer.

Have a few questions?  You're at the right place.

Who is Koto-Ryin?
She is …

Work Story

Probably the reason why people at my job keep their distance from me.

They're having a contest to name the newly created employee committee.  I walk over to my boss and I said, "Hmmm, employee committee."

He says "Yeah." 

Thanks for that stirring description of what the employee committee is about and for.

I said, "How about 'Broken Spirits'." 

He said, "You can write it down but it won't get chosen."

Then he walked away from me, I can't imagine why.  What else would you name an employee committee of a place where people get fired every week, changes are made all of the time without informing the employees and the employees are regularly yelled at by their supervisors and visitors?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

I feel like my relationship with Twilight is the same as Bella and Edward's relationship.  He's trying to stay away from her and she can't seem to leave his thoughts.  It is pretty unhealthy how attached they are to one another, but I won't talk about that right now.  But seriously, it''s scary.  (I know it's just a story, but still.)  lol

I watched New Moon and mind you I was still looking at Twilight like this was an adventure story and not a simple romance story so I start to watch it and I'm thinking Yes!  Werewolves versus Vampires. 

Which is not my fault!

The previews are jerks.  They clearly show Jake turning into a werewolf and Edward posing like he's ready to fight.  Spoiler Alert!  They don't fight.  I'm not condoning fighting over a girl, but they completely misrepresented what was going to happen in this movie.  Did I feel cheated?  Yeah.  Do I still feel that way?  Nah.  Why?  I was going to say Taylor Lautner, but I'm…

FlashFoward: Seth MacFarland as Random Agent #3 RIP

Let's get things started with why the hell does Seth MacFarland keep showing up randomly in my tv shows, what's next bar guy number five on Supernatural?  What in the world.

I saw him in the pilot of FlashForward, and I promptly decided to ignore him.  Just as I did when I saw him in that episode of Enterprise.  I did my little eye roll moment and my "Whatever Seth MacFarland."  and moved on.  He won't let me move on.  He came back to FlashForward.seriously dude, what are you trying to do?  It irritates me because it's going to be a million dollar trivia question one day, What tv show has Seth MacFarland NOT appeared on?  If I loose a million dollars because of the guy who made Family Guy has too much time on his hands (look who's talking right?) I'll be slightly annoyed. 

I hate him.  I wonder if Family Guy is new this Sunday.

Anyway, I'll be sad if Flash Forward gets cancelled.  I know people are annoyed by a few of the changes, which I don'…

Twilight: How Did I Get Here?

Recently for no reason at all, I suddenly developed this interest in Twilight.  I don't understand it seeing as when I first saw Twilight I hated it.  I hated the story, but the one thing stayed the same - I always liked Edward and Bella. 

Maybe it's their names Edward and Isabella but let me take you through how I came to my initial reaction to Twilight.  I hated it because it was too easy to make fun of.  When I first saw the trailer and Edward is all, "Say it.  Out loud."  My immediate reaction is wtf? lol!  And Bella says "Vampire."  I'm thinking, when is he going to attack her?

Ever since that dramatic commercial my brother and I made fun of it, he would grab me by the arms and say "Say it.  Out loud."  Of course he would catch me off guard hours after we've seen the commercial and when I finally figure out what he wanted I'd return with "Vampire?"  In the wimpiest voice ever.

Everyone has their own Twilight point of vi…

Think Before You Speak

A person asks what my name is.  I tell him.
I ask for his and he tells me.
I said oh, you're so and so I say such and such has been asking about you.
He says 'Oh is that the old guy?'

I waited for him to finish his description but that was it, 'The old guy.'

Um, we work in a nursing home, so I said, 'They're all old.'

Melrose Place: Lauren and David

I love Lauren and David.  When she showed up at the restaurant to rescue his behind, I though "Yeah, yo go girl!"  And I only thought this because I cannot pull of saying that out loud.  He'll get over how she used to be a prostitute.

We do need to get rid of that crazy girl that's been stalking David though.  Lauren'll probably rescue him from that too.

I feel like Jonah should be on Gossip Girl, he changes his mind as much as those teenagers do.  The whole auction thing was hilarious.  I was irritated with Riley a) because I recently saw Cloverfield and then had flashbacks to when she was on 90210 and that jacket!  It was such an eye sore!  Then I remembered the Covenant and that me and 50 other people liked that movie so I was no longer angry with the actress over Cloverfield anymore.

I did burst into laughter when Nick Zano or whatever his character's name is, tried to auction off his band and he was met with dead silence.  Not so cool as you think you ar…

24: What in the world President Hassan?

In between me making fun of Kayla during last week's 24, by saying things like "Where's Tarin?  Is Tarin coming?  Tarin wouldn't hurt a fly."  At random times during the episode, I would say this because we all just had to laugh at how simple she is.

And her father is just as crazy.  He volunteered!  He told the guy from the Unit take me with you, and he surrendered.  It was such a messed up episode.  I long for the days of Sherri and her backstabbing ways.  Monday President Logan is back.  You know when a show isn't a good as it used to be when a whole room of people cheer at the sight of a former villain, who got stabbed in the neck by his ex-wife.   

He voluenteered.

Chuck ended the way I thought it would from the moment we learned that Sarah killed his wife.  I didn't know how it would happen, which is what made it a good episode, but I knew what was going to happen, I didn't think that Chuck would still be the one to do it though.

90210: Everyone!

Everyone is crazy on this show.  How long before new character Lila goes off the deep end, what will the writers have her do?  Murder?

I hate Naomi and girls like her in real life, not because she's stuck up, but because she lied about that guy sexually harassing her. If enough girls are caught lying about being sexually harassed it makes it harder for the ones who have been to get justice. 

Liam is such a tool, lol.  I'm not faulting him for believing in his girlfriend, but he forgot his girlfriend is Naomi.  I mean, the way the conversation went, he probably IS a predator.  Because Naomi was saying "She'd do anything."  like a child begging for candy.  She didn't do anything that would suggest that she meant anything as in sexually anything.  So why would he even go there.  Watch, there's something up with that guy.

No Navid this past episode so no cuteness with Lila and Navid.  Darn.

We did get a lot of Rumer, I don't remember her character's n…

Gossip Girl: Jenny

I'm so tired of Jenny.
She only wants Nate when he's with one of her friends.  I don't remember her chasing after Nate when he was dating Bree Buckley and she wasn't after him after he broke up with her.  But when he was dating Blair she was in his face and when he was dating Vanessa she was plotting to destroy Vanessa (I didn't care who won that one) and now Serena.

Serena and Nate deserve each other.  One is just as vapid as the other, which is fine.  Besides Nate has always been in love with Serena and Nate is an okay guy so go for it.  This way I don't have to listen to Dan whine about 'different worlds' every time he's annoyed with Serena.

I liked the episode and I'll get to Jack in a second, but I'm over Jenny.  I feel like it's a new Harry Potter adventure with her.
Jenny and the crazy model
Jenny and the drug dealing boyfriend
Jenny and the guy who doesn't want her like that anymore

I had a feeling this would happen when all …

The Twilight Series

I watched a RiffTrax of Twilight the other night and I thought it was hilarious.  I wish Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was still on.

Anyway, I like Twilight.  I need to get that out of the way before I get angry messages. Maybe I don't like Twilight the same way that you do, but just know that I enjoy the series.  I have a love/hate relationship with Twilight that no one needs to understand, but just acknowledge that it exists.  I think that no matter how how much sense Twilight doesn't make, I will always like it.  I realize that sentence doesn't make any sense but it's my logic, and it's my money I spend on these movies so...that's that. 

I like Twilight, because it reminds me of Roswell.  Yes, yes, I'm sure most of you are like wtf?

-But not just because Bela and Edward are star crossed lovers like Max and Liz.

-Not just because Edward is a vampire and Max was alien. 
(Bela turns into a vampire and Liz an alien later on.)

-Edward like Max did for Liz re…


I'm approaching 2010 differently than 2009.  Like I told you guys before I applied to 30+ jobs last year and got nowhere.  Editorial Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Public Relations, assist in the tv, film and publication industry and more of the same, no, no and no.

So while at work and at home I've decided to ramp up my literary agent search, it really is a shame to have a finished book but no one to pimp it.  My dad and I both have books and no takers.  I'll still job search, but I won't hinge everything on getting that one job.  I'm going to lay my eggs in different baskets and try it this way.  Last year I was solely dependent on just the job only but now I'm looking at the job and the book.

Web Design -
Writing -
Promoting - (my dad's books and my short stories)
Graphic Design - book marks, flyers, posters, banners, there's more I can't remember

My point is I'm not just doing nothing and just waiting for the job market to get better.  Toda…

Commerical Wars: Comcast vs Verizion

Nevermind the fact that I've been trying to get Comcast to hire me since before I graduated college, but I'm starting to think they did me a favor.  I first saw that xfinity commercial and I thought, hey that's John Hamm, I have to listen to what he has to say, because people stop an listen to Don Draper and John Hamm is Don Draper and he was funny on SNL so, I'll pay attention.  And he did the whole '3,2,1' spiel and nothing happened.  He tole me nothing about Xfinity and it took me ten seconds to realize, Xfinity is Triple Play, just with a different name.  I went on with my life and didn't think about it again.

But Verzion and Direct TV wasn't going to let it go as easily as I did.  Have you seen these commercials?
I'm glad they got rid of that little boy with the big head, I got tired of listening to him.  This is better.

5 Tips on Dealing with a Receptionist

I've been a receptionist for seven years, depressing right?  At first it was cool because I was in college, I've been out of college since early last year so now it's getting sad.  24 years old working with people who knew me when I was 17 is not cool.  Especially when some of them forget that I was 17 when I started and I get the occasional "When do you graduate school?"

In all fairness that hasn't happened in awhile, but I'm going to help you out by sharing with you why some receptionists are the way they are.

I want to preface all of this by saying that some people are just mean and terrible, but a lot of this can be avoided if you educate yourself.

Imagine that you're a receptionist.  Which is a nice way of saying that you're a glorified babysitter (in the case of assisted living facilities/ nursing homes).  I'm sure you're probably thinking, 'Don't nurses watch the residents?'  Ha!  Hell no.  Receptionists sit near the door…

Thursday Night TV

Vampire Diaries

Let's start at the end.  Jeremy wants to be a vampire?  What?  Why?  I'm annoyed and intrigued at the same time. I retweeted what someone said on twitter about him being a younger looking Jared Padalecki.

All the vampires are out of they crypt and things are going as I thought they would, which is not a bad thing.  Things are revving up to get messed up and I can't wait for it to go south...umm souther?  Because things are bad enough.

I understand what Caroline's problem is, but I don't care.  I liked her better when Damon was using her.

Where in the world is Katerina Graham  (Bonnie)?  I know her grandmom died, which made me SO sad but it's tv world you're supposed get over it a whole lot faster.

Melinda Clarke's on the show.  It's always great to see her, I did cringe when her son caught her with Damon, because that was really, really awkward not to mention embarrassing.   

I like Stefan and Elena, I get more out of them what I wa…

90210 and Melrose Place

90210 status

Jasper is still crazy.  People misunderstand me when I say I like Jasper.  I don't like Jasper like I want to hang out with him.  I don't like him the same way I like say...Dean Winchester.  Jasper is a lunatic.  I like WATCHING Jasper.  I only like watching Jasper mostly because Annie has a real reason to cry.  Annie freaks out about anything, from stealing other people's life experiences to being ditched by her brother and now Jasper is public enemy number one.

But the thing about Jasper and Annie was the fact that things were cool they were hanging out making movies and what not and things were cool when Annie thought that Jasper could further herself in her career.  But then he started demanding sex and stuff like that, then I decided they were both messed up even though Jasper was more messed up than Annie.

Adrianna and Navid are two people that I'm so tired of and again.  The reason why I like Jasper, I was interested in the whole Navid versus Jasper …

Author Input Not Needed?

It's pretty mysterious to me why authors don't have say in the tv or film versions of their novels.  It's only right that they should have creative input on the works they created.

There are plenty of books turned into movies and tv shows that the authors have no say in.

True Blood
Gossip Girl
The Vampire Chronicles: Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned

Bones and Dexter

Hart Hanson is the creator, writer and executive producer of the tv show Bones, which has been renewed for a 6th season (congrats Hart).

Jeff Lindsay's Dexter is going into its 5th season in September, this is a show that followed the book in the first season and then later adopted other plot lines not in the original novels.


The jury is still out when it comes to Justified, I really enjoy the show, and not just because Elmore John Leonard wrote 3:10 to Yuma which is one of my favorite movies but because 24 got cancelled, so this is my new…