Thursday Night Highlights

FlashForward ~ Survivor ~ The Vampire Diaries ~ Supernatural

FlashForward was a little underwhelming.

A big deal was made of Demitri's death and it all turns out that it was the concoction of a crazy man, D. Gibbons aka Dyson Frost and we really don't know why.  He said that he needed to recreate the events as closely as he can but at the same time make a big reaction in order to upset the already set time line, but all I could think was where's Michael Ealy and Dominic Monaghan?  I still like the show and want a second season, but that ep was ehhhh

There's more.
A woman escapes from the custody of high security - fine.
The same woman tracks down an AWOL FBI agent right to the middle of nowhere and is able to follow him without being seen and is able to kill her target.  - what?

Unless!  She had a few flashforwads of her own and was able to predict this outcome all on her own.  But still.  There's this thing called logistics.  How did she make it across town in order to catch up with Mark.  She still had to pick up her weapon and bike.


Pavarti giving both Sandra and Jerri the hidden immunity idols is something I won't forget in a long time.  That just doesn't happen.  I don't even like her like that, but I have to giver her kudos from coming up with such a great plan.  Russell's misogynistic mind was going to explode.  Sometimes I shake my head at what I believe is an obvious choice for a player to do, but in this case, I admit I would have never thought to do that.

JT found a way to get evicted with his own immunity idol.  Priceless.

The Vampire Diaries

I told twitter earlier this morning that TVD was unintentionally hilarious.  The recapper for TWOP for the TVD asked me why.  I couldn't fully explain in 140 characters how this was true.

1) Bonnie giving Stefan the evil eye all episode - funny
2) Anytime the sheriff calls on Damon like he's not a bloodthirsty killer - funny
But the funniest part of the episode is
3) Stefan is TERRIBLE at being an evil Vampire

He takes this poor girl out in the woods and spends the whole Ms. Mystic Falls Event deciding whether or not he should drink her blood, or kill her or let her go.  Hilarious because he says to her, "Why aren't you afraid?"  Apparently he FORGOT that he compelled her to not be afraid of him.  Then he tells her to run, she runs and then he grabs her again stating that he changed his mind.  So funny.  I do realize that I'm probably pretty morbid for thinking it is funny, but vampires aren't real so there's no chance of this actually happening to anyone; therefore, it's funny.

I read a disturbing spoiler so I'm not in the mood.  I keep saying that I don't want to talk about Supernatural anymore yet, I keep talking about it.  Last night's episode was a good episode, it was an episode we should have had ten episodes ago.  I don't want to talk about it.


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