FlashFoward: Seth MacFarland as Random Agent #3 RIP

Let's get things started with why the hell does Seth MacFarland keep showing up randomly in my tv shows, what's next bar guy number five on Supernatural?  What in the world.

I saw him in the pilot of FlashForward, and I promptly decided to ignore him.  Just as I did when I saw him in that episode of Enterprise.  I did my little eye roll moment and my "Whatever Seth MacFarland."  and moved on.  He won't let me move on.  He came back to FlashForward.seriously dude, what are you trying to do?  It irritates me because it's going to be a million dollar trivia question one day, What tv show has Seth MacFarland NOT appeared on?  If I loose a million dollars because of the guy who made Family Guy has too much time on his hands (look who's talking right?) I'll be slightly annoyed. 

I hate him.  I wonder if Family Guy is new this Sunday.

Anyway, I'll be sad if Flash Forward gets cancelled.  I know people are annoyed by a few of the changes, which I don't get because these changes were the same things that people complained about.

a) Bryce no longer chasing after the mystery Japanese woman and now chasing Nicole.  It made no sense for him to be in love with a woman he saw in a FF and more sense to fall for someone he actually knows.

b) Janis is the mole, which should have been a, but I really don't care about Bryce one way or the other.  Or Nicole for that matter.  Freakin' Janis!  Also another storyline I was tired of because 20 million people die, Mark's marriage is falling apart to an unattractive British guy, there's a hobbit flirting with you and all you talk about is your ovaries.  I remembered thinking, yeah  Janis!  Get that mole.  And then I was quickly met with a sad, "No, not Janis!"  and then I thought, Hey that's pretty good though.  People are also freaking out because Demetri offered to have sex with her to have this baby or whatever.  I don't really think they had sex.  They're in Somalia a bunch of people were murdered, Vogel murdered the murderer and they're thinking about sex.  Huh?  What?  I don't think they did anything.

c) Lloyd is still hanging around the hospital!!!  Still!  Can't he get transferred to another hospital and not stay at the hospital where he got - gee I don't know - kidnapped from!

I liked the episode, but the timetable is all messed up, I expected for someone to shoot Demetri by now and he's still walking around crying about how Mark may or may not shoot him and D. Gibbons or Dyson Frost, which I suspect may be an anagram, don't ask me why it's just a weird name, he's also supposed to be shot on March 14, which was last month, so I don't know what month we're in show wise.  I liked this last episode, I'm hoping that Michael Ealy isn't evil because it's too obvious, but at any rate.  Don't cancel FlashForward.


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