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Writing Style

What is my writing style?


There are things that I wish I could do in real life - but can't.

I know there's some smart alek out there because I have characters who fall in love - ha...ha - that's not what I mean!

1) Teleport - I have characters who teleport, because I've been in love with the concept of teleporting since the Tomorrow People.  I don't mean teleport across the room...that's...kinda cool, but stupid. I mean teleport to another country.  I read the first Jumper but I had already written my story before I knew about that series.

2) Jump off of cliffs - I have a story where two characters jump off of a cliff.  It's not a power - I just think it's cool.  The mechanics of the story is what enables them to live or else they'd be splat dead.

3) I don't have anyone slapping anyone...I gotta write that story.  I've always wanted to slap someone.  It's very dramatic.  But I do have an alien who kicks another alien in the face...…