Writing Style

What is my writing style?


There are things that I wish I could do in real life - but can't.

I know there's some smart alek out there because I have characters who fall in love - ha...ha - that's not what I mean!

1) Teleport - I have characters who teleport, because I've been in love with the concept of teleporting since the Tomorrow People.  I don't mean teleport across the room...that's...kinda cool, but stupid. I mean teleport to another country.  I read the first Jumper but I had already written my story before I knew about that series.

2) Jump off of cliffs - I have a story where two characters jump off of a cliff.  It's not a power - I just think it's cool.  The mechanics of the story is what enables them to live or else they'd be splat dead.

3) I don't have anyone slapping anyone...I gotta write that story.  I've always wanted to slap someone.  It's very dramatic.  But I do have an alien who kicks another alien in the face...the two of them are in human form...but it doesn't make it hurt any less.  Actually it might hurt more.

4) Steal a dimensional spaceship - Forget steal a car.  I think it'll be more exciting to steal something that doesn't exist and lets you travel through space and dimensions. 

5) Vampire Army - this story isn't finished yet.  There's alchemy which is also science so it's more science than fantasy.  I know people think a flying monkey army is cool...but I think a Vampire Army is better.  I realize this is from Twilight...but Twilight is fantasy and my vampires...they aren't "vegatarians."

Well, those are the top five things that I've put into stories that I can't do in real life.  It would be cool to be able to do these things but...I can't so I write about them instead.


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