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I haven't written since the election.  I've been trying to get my mind off of things and that's hard to do given the threats to our country from within.

Westworld is one of my favorite tv shows in a long time.  Yes Game of Thrones has been my favorite but it didn't make me think the same way Westworld made me think.

I got drawn into this podcast and I don't even listen to podcasts but my favorite is The Westworld Podcast.

I saw an article later that said that there was 28 Westworld Podcast because of all the theories!

I've tried to listen to other podcasts, I shut one podcast off because they started discussing election stuff, it was brief but it still annoyed me.  I don't tune into your podcast to hear about election stuff I tuned into the podcast to escape facebook and twitter and election stuff.  They recently changed their name from Theorycast and I really couldn't get past the first episode of their podcast because they kept saying I don't kno…

President Trump - it actually happend

I have everything and nothing to say about this year's election.

I'm not surprised but I do think that I am surprised at everyone else's surprise if that makes any sense.

I have decided that I do want to take more of an active role in government, I do not want to run for any office but I feel as though a lot of capable people are complaining but not doing what they can to fill in their part and I'm guilty of that as well.

Donald Trump has already started to side-step or move back on some of his stances.  He doesn't want a wall anymore, now he's saying he wants a fence.  He's not going to get rid of the Affordable Care he just wants to tweak it.  He's not going to kick out all of the Muslims.

And then we found out that Russia had been helping Trump's campaign the entire time.  Are the appropriate agencies going to look into that as well?

I just feel like we shifted into an alternate reality.  Nothing is real anymore.  Maybe it never was.

It's Been A Long Time...

I have been very, very busy lately.  I went from someone with loads of time on her hands to someone who can barely find a moment to enjoy the day and relax.  So file that under be careful of what you wish for.

Because I'm doing tons of things and very rarely is it something I have a lot of interest in.  I started volunteering with the Red Cross.  It's a remote position, I'm thinking about letting it go for time sake.  When I started it I wasn't working and now that I am, I need to find the time to do it.  It doesn't take more than a half hour at the most to do but I think by the end of December I may let it go.  I like volunteering but at the same time, I want to volunteer doing something that has more of an impact.  Not that fiscal reviewing isn't important but with everything going on in the world I want to do more.

I mentioned earlier that I started a new job and I had hoped that with this new job it would force me into making my day more structured but afte…