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I haven't written since the election.  I've been trying to get my mind off of things and that's hard to do given the threats to our country from within.

Westworld is one of my favorite tv shows in a long time.  Yes Game of Thrones has been my favorite but it didn't make me think the same way Westworld made me think.

I got drawn into this podcast and I don't even listen to podcasts but my favorite is The Westworld Podcast.

I saw an article later that said that there was 28 Westworld Podcast because of all the theories!

I've tried to listen to other podcasts, I shut one podcast off because they started discussing election stuff, it was brief but it still annoyed me.  I don't tune into your podcast to hear about election stuff I tuned into the podcast to escape facebook and twitter and election stuff.  They recently changed their name from Theorycast and I really couldn't get past the first episode of their podcast because they kept saying I don't know or who's that character I can't remember.

So in a way The Westworld Podcast Ryan and James spoiled me they came to discuss Westworld they're fans just like I'm a fan and when I disagree I tell them on twitter and they answer, they're pretty funny guys and it adds an extra layer I haven't had with a show since the early days of Supernatural or Roswell.

So, check out their podcast, it's really cool and I'm not just saying that because of the shout outs I've gotten.

Now, on to the theories...

Billy is the man in black or the gunslinger, I won't accept any other theory

I didn't even catch the two different logos that everyone else saw and I didn't but it's just fits it just makes sense.  But people are actually saying that Logan is the man in black and that makes absolutely no sense.  That fight Logan had with William was a crucial moment in time which kind of reminded me of back to the future, these are moments that were pivotal to the future and how things have changed and made William who is he now.

I also think that Bernard is Arnold.  Bernard is the android version of Arnold.  That's it I don't have much on that thought.

The first critical failure, I'm not too sure what happened there, it involved Maeve in her first story line but after that I don't know.

I know people are really looking into the deep mentality portion of the show but I haven't gotten that far into it and I can't believe there's four more episodes left this season.


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