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Twilight: Eclipse

I'm going to start off by saying that Eclipse is my favorite Twilight book.  I think Melissa Rosenberg is the scriptwriter for the Twilight movies, I think she does a good job.  But having said that, I understand why I was underwhelmed by the movie.

I'm glad I read the book first because I just would have been plain ol' mad at this movie.  Reading the books helps you understand why characters do what they do and you pick up on little things that aren't fully fleshed out in the movie because of time/budget.

Everything was so condensed and watered down in the movie and I KNOW!  I know, we can't make the movie out of every page in the book but after the criticism that the first two movies had a slow pace I feel like there were certain things that should have been shown in the movie.

Bella and the magnets.  That would have perfectly summed up the movie.  Correct me if I'm wrong but Bella didn't kiss Jake with Edward standing ten steps I'm annoy…

Big Brother - The Saboteur

I admit it at first I thought the Saboteur was going to be lame.  I thought it was going to be like America's Player, which was pretty silly.  But now because the House guests know that there's a traitor in the house they'll be completely paranoid and choosier about their alliances.

"Am I siding with the saboteur?"

Are you?

Okay, purely based on the first episode, I really believe that it's Monet.  When the lights went out ten people were in the living room.  Not counting the two guys and Monet.

The last two America's Players were both male.  I don't take credit for knowing that part because I read it on a board but it's true.

Out of the three missing Monet is the only girl.  And we saw what the two other guys were doing.  Which makes no sense.  Making the house think that you're the saboteur is the same as making the other contestants on survivor make you think you have a hidden immunity idol when you really don't.  So when they go to f…

Best Letter of My Life

Sometimes I use my blog for frivolous things.  Sometimes, most times I complain, but this is not one of those times.

I moved, I didn't tell a lot of people that I was moving.  Including my job, I worked at an assisted living facility and one of the residents actually wrote me, after he realized that I wasn't there anymore. 

Let me remind everyone, I hated the job, the management was terrible, the people in charge were petty and bitter in short it was a complete mess.  The people I liked very much, there were only two who felt like they can talk to me any kind of way, but everyone else, everyone one else were good people who treated me with respect.

But it was one person who actually took the time to write me.  Me?  I felt like I was getting an award.  I for sure thought that I would disappear and everyone would just go on with their lives.  It did not occur to me that anyone would actually miss me.  Crazy right?

Here are some of the things that he said to me in the letter, bec…

More Films in West Virginia!

I have no idea of where to start, but I just moved to Charleston, WV from Philadelphia and to me, there are a lot of advantages in filming in the mountain state.

I've been here two months and I've already seen a lot of great places that could be used for movie scenes.  I don't know what exactly a location scout looks for when considering a place to film, but the main things that I see is complaints from the citizens.  Being from Philly and moving to such a small place, the traffic here is nothing to back home.

Sometimes it's pretty frustrating to watch tv and to see that these actors are supposed to be in a certain state/area and you know the truth all along.  "They didn't film that there."  And you kinda feel cheated, why didn't they come here to film?  There's thousands of reasons why not.  But there are also thousands of reasons why they should.  And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then how about…

Friday Fascinations

Friday Fascinations

Link of the Day Manuscript Length and When To Tell Instead of Show by Mary Kole a Literary Agent withAndrea Brown Literary Agency who is kind enough to share what she knows on the topics of writing and publishing.
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TV Book of the Day FlashForward is a science fiction novel by Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer first published in 1999. The novel is set in a fictionalized year 2009. At CERN, the Large Hadron Collideraccelerator is performing a run to search for the Higgs boson. The experiment has a unique side effect: the entire human race loses consciousness for about two minutes. During that time, nearly everyone sees themselves in the future (by about 21 years). Each individual experiences their own future through the senses of their future self. This "flashforward" results in countless deaths and accident…

Tutorial List

This is a list of tutorials that I refer to when I'm making my short story cover art.  I don't use the entire concept but from what I learn during the tutorial is useful for later.

50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
If I could digital paint I'd want my art to look like this 35 Incredible Digital Painting Tutorials

Hard inspiring work!!