Big Brother - The Saboteur

I admit it at first I thought the Saboteur was going to be lame.  I thought it was going to be like America's Player, which was pretty silly.  But now because the House guests know that there's a traitor in the house they'll be completely paranoid and choosier about their alliances.

"Am I siding with the saboteur?"

Are you?

Okay, purely based on the first episode, I really believe that it's Monet.  When the lights went out ten people were in the living room.  Not counting the two guys and Monet.

The last two America's Players were both male.  I don't take credit for knowing that part because I read it on a board but it's true.

Out of the three missing Monet is the only girl.  And we saw what the two other guys were doing.  Which makes no sense.  Making the house think that you're the saboteur is the same as making the other contestants on survivor make you think you have a hidden immunity idol when you really don't.  So when they go to flush it out you can screw around and get voted off.

Same for BB, if everyone is suspicious of you, they're going to want to get rid of you based on paranoia.

I absolutely love the altered screen and voice that comes up to screw with the house guests.  Their faces are hilarious.  Well, I already voted on CBS.  Who do you think it is?  Or did I change your mind?  I really think it's her.


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