Twilight: Eclipse

I'm going to start off by saying that Eclipse is my favorite Twilight book.  I think Melissa Rosenberg is the scriptwriter for the Twilight movies, I think she does a good job.  But having said that, I understand why I was underwhelmed by the movie.

I'm glad I read the book first because I just would have been plain ol' mad at this movie.  Reading the books helps you understand why characters do what they do and you pick up on little things that aren't fully fleshed out in the movie because of time/budget.

Everything was so condensed and watered down in the movie and I KNOW!  I know, we can't make the movie out of every page in the book but after the criticism that the first two movies had a slow pace I feel like there were certain things that should have been shown in the movie.

Bella and the magnets.  That would have perfectly summed up the movie.  Correct me if I'm wrong but Bella didn't kiss Jake with Edward standing ten steps I'm annoyed because things that happen in the movie make the character look 10xs stupider than in the book.  I'm glad they didn't make up scenes for time, like in New Moon, Jacob shows up to Bella's school for her birthday like he couldn't come over her house, or call, he felt staklerish at the beginning of NM.  So I'm glad that didn't happen in Eclipse.

The highlight of the movie was Jasper.  He was great.  But I was let down by Rosalie's scene, and I know, I know, time restraints, but I felt like she was rushed and thrown out of the way quickly.

I wish they hadn't of switched Victorias but, oh well, it's done.  And the guy who played Riley was great.

I know everyone says that Jacob is whiny but I need to rewatch it but I think they took out my favorite scene out of the book of where Jacob says he can't fight an eclipse.  That's the best line.  Anyway, the book does so much more than the movie.  They didn't even address how Bella is in love with Jacob too.  The movie just made him look like a young guy with a little crush and Bella has nothing to do with him.  When she loves him just as much as he loves her, but she just loves Edward more.  The movie kinda ignores that.

There wasn't much inner monologue from Bella so we don't know what she's thinking when Jacob kisses her and the story about the 3rd wife all of that I felt was important.

But I know time restraints.

If it were up to me?  lol, I'd make two versions of the movie, because if they did leave in all the things that I felt should have been left in, the movie would make so much more sense than a bunch of kids running around the woods kissing each other.


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