Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen

Yesterday I saw Revenge of the Fallen the second Transformers movie.  The first one I thought was really good but I didn't like it as much as I love this move.

It was great.  I really did miss Jazz, but I think that might have been because of that Robot Chicken spoof.

 Transformers clip from here
I couldn't even be pissed at the fact that Heery Casting did the well, casting for the extras in the movie and I really wanted to go and be in it but they didn't pick me.  I was an extra for a an unaired pilot but that was way back in Dec 07.  There's a video floating around out there of me somewhere, cuz I was right up front when they got the Verdict.  Which was the name of the show Verdict Link.  I was there for two days and it was freakin cold, but it was a pretty cool $90 to make.  I got to see Robin Givens.

At any rate, sometimes I go through a couple of stinkers before I get to some really cool movies and after seeing the Count of Monte Cristo I thought I would run into more sucky movies but I really enjoyed this movie.

Fergie's husband Josh played his normally great part, Tyreese just stated the obvious a lot, I'd be mad if I had that role, well, I wouldn't because I would spend all day with Josh but anyway, the acting was great.

Especially the twins. They cracked me up the whole movie, I still love Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime but those two.  "It's an ass kicking it's supposed to hurt."  Aw man, too good.  And I really thought the red twin was going to get it.

I was a little confused about the Matrix.  First they were like oh it turns to dust because you have to earn it but then after Shia "earns it" after falling asleep in the middle of the fight a Decepticon runs up and takes it.  I fully expected for it to turn to dust.  But it didn't, did the decepticon earn the matrix?

Everyone was hilarious in the movie without being too, too over the top and too ridiculous it was just right. I mean the mom was extra over the top, but there's people who are really like that and then with the weed on top of everything, priceless.  I could've been there, darn it Heery Casting.  Maybe next time.  I'd say if you didn't like the first one, give the second one a shot.


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