The Count of Monte Cristo

I heard about this movie when it came to theaters when I was 16 years old, I wanted to go see it but didn't want to go by myself and no one I knew was interested in a revenge movie set in the 1800s.  So I waited for it to come to television and I actually forgot about it until recently when it came on Encore 8 years later, lol.  I was surprised to see Jim Caviezel again because I had never heard of him until I saw Frequency, a movie I saw only a few months ago.  Which is another one of my favorite movies.

It's an awesome movie.

Edmund is such a trusting naive character that's basically cookie dough at the beginning of the film, but by the time he got out of jail he was transformed into a slightly cold-hearted devlish manipulator.  Yes, he spent a lot of time in jail but that was to bring home the point that it was a long time and to hammer in how miserable and bitter he became.

I felt his pain about Mercedes going to his ex-best friend and reason he was in jail for 13 years, I don't think I could go back to her even if I did understand the circumstances of her being pregnant, but that's how the story went.

My favorite parts include the old man teaching him, I felt like that was well put together.  The part when he meets Luigi was hilarious.  I wonder if he's like that in the book.  It was brilliant that he escaped and the part where he saved Jacopo.  And one of the best parts of the movie was when he arrived in that balloon. 

The whole movie was terrific and timeless because you see in everyday life this kind of jealousy festering beneath the surface of so called friends.  And the choices they make against people they claim to be shoulder to shoulder with.

This was a great movie.  It's one of my top ten.


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