The Gossip Girl / Vampire Diaries Crossover Situation

I like both Gossip Girl and the Vampire Diaries.  I have every season of Gossip Girl on dvd.  And once the Vampire Diaries comes to dvd I plan on doing the same.

But it's not two shows I'd do a crossover with.  For two main reasons:

a) it'll probably be overhyped for only five mintues of interaction between the characters from the different shows and not live up to the fans expectations

b) they are two different shows gossip girl is a dramadey and the Vampire Diaries is a paranormal show.

All of the characters are far too different.  That's not a bad thing, that's why I like both shows, for the diversity.  But the next time I'm watching Gossip Girl, I'm going to wonder why a vampire won't just crawl up and eat one of these characters.

I really can't imagine Elena on the upper east side, maybe Katherine, but then she might kill everyone.  Do you see the issues here?

I can't see Blair in the ficticious place of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Because that's the other issue, The Vampire Diaries was based on a book and I'm pretty certain that L.J Smith did not have a 90210 copy cat in mind when she wrote the book.  Well, the Vampire Diaries is soapy but not like Gossip Girl soapy.

It just doesn't feel right. 

So from me to cyberspace, that's a no, please don't do this.  I would rather much like to see a 90210, gossip girl and if it's still on melrose place crossover than a gossip girl / vampire diaries one.


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