I like to be able to be my own casting director.  There are certain actors and actresses that inspire me and make me wonder, how would this thesbian handle this role?  And thus a new character is born.

It's easier to see my latest series - Eliza the Dimension Traveler

Of course most of these people are from my favorite tv shows.

I'm going to explain the cover, that's actually not Eliza aka Marlene, she's African American but it was really hard to find a cover that had a black female with the elements that I wanted.  I definitely wanted a crystal ball, so in the main picture is a character that Marlene aka  Eliza, meets in the second part of the series named Addison.

But if this were to be a show or a movie or whatever, I'd choose the following as my cast even though, I realize that it's unlikely to happen.

Marlene aka Eliza - Katerina Graham

Prince David - I don't have a Prince David yet, I want to say Mark Sailling but he's not black - someone name me someone under 25 besides Tristan Wilds

Hannah - Leighton Meester (she does jealous so well) but she needs a Spanish accent, lol  or maybe I should pick a Spanish actress

Elise - Sara Paxton

Addison - Amy Adams or someone like her

Callisto - Melinda Clarke or Michelle Forbes

Madrid - I have no idea who could portray her, that chick is crazy

Lord Adam - Wes Ramsey is who I had in mind when I wrote the character

Tragedy at the Washington Palace
Code Name Agent Madrid


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