The Vampire Diaires

First I want to retract or correct my previous Vampire Diaires post.  I was confused about the crossover which really isn't a crossover.  The actors are crossing over not the shows.  So Nina on GG and Leighton on TVD. I like this idea a lot better than what I originally thought.

Now on to tonight's Vampire Diaries.

The crypt is finally open or openish...cracked.  The tomb is cracked.  It was a good episode, sometimes I've found myself watching an episode thinking, eehh, it's good but open the crypt, lol.  I like the dynamic between Damon and Elena I even made a video about it. 

I can't wait until March and see what happens next now that at least two of these vampires are out of the tomb.

Jasmine Guy, aw, that's my girl, it was such a sad ending I feel bad for Bonnie.  I fully expected Katerina Graham to mess up the scene because it's the CW and they have a knack for messing up a very important death scene but she did a really great job, I felt really sad.  I felt like she was really sad.


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