Code Name: Agent Madrid

I like this cover a lot, that's why I'm sharing it with you before the story is even out.  Ha, sorry I just have a few things to work on, I've already been working on it since I got home (3/4 hours give or take a half hour) and if I sit in this chair too long I'll need a doctor to fix my back.

But I found this great picture for the cover and thought it would be great it fits the new character to a tee and I think people will enjoy it.  So far 74 people have downloaded the story since I last checked and I'll tell you a little about Madrid.

She is a socialite, who dabbles in fashion, acting, and perfumes but since this is an alternate reality no one pays her any mind, all the money goes to the teachers, the professors, and the doctors.  More academically inclined people.  In this reality, entertainment is looked down on as playing, music, art, and fashion aren't that important like it is in Marlene, the main character's world.

Marlene is forced to meet Madrid when she kidnaps her she know what took place in the events of The Tragedy of the Washington Palace and wants in on the adventure.  I don't want to spoil the first one in case you haven't read it but, Madrid wants to rescue someone who was arrested in the first story.

Madrid, is made up of two people, if you look close enough you'll be able to tell, lol.  I mean it in fun though because she's meant to be a fun character, she's a crazy character but she definitely has a secret agenda that's yet to be revealed.

I put the story under A. Johnson because it's  a paranormal/fantasy adventure and I want to separate the science fiction/ Escape 2 Earth stories from the paranormal fantasy ones. 

A. Johnson (paranormal fantasy)
L. A. Johnson (science fiction)


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