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Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy

It's here!

Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy

Ten stories from the imagination of father/daughter authors Lawrence and Lauren Johnson, that take place in the Escape 2 Earth Universe.

Some previously released and some unreleased, but all are exciting adventures!

HardcoverSoftcoverSmashwords E-bookKindle E-book

Short Stories  

Planet of Doom
- Intergalactic Detective Da'Quan must escape the planet Akanon where the androids have taken over and are planning to leave the planet in the hopes of destroying life in the universe.

Terror on Telderan
- Short story that revolves around the demise of Telderan, also known as Planet X, and how it had come to spin off of it's axis before it crashed into Earth in Escape 2 Earth, we see it from the point of view of Planetary Alliance members who soon formed Earth's Guardians.

Danger on Deltor  
-Deltorians are under attack by an old foe with the usage of chemical warfare, it's up to the Four Warriors of Deltor to rescue the planet from their ene…

The Twilight Saga

In celebration of the Eclipse Movie coming out I decided to read the Eclipse novel, but then I thought, that's stupid to just read one book in a series, so I figured I'd have to read the first two books so I wouldn't miss stuff in the third.

I'm more than halfway through Breaking Dawn so it's safe to say that Eclipse is my favorite book.

Twilight was good, I liked it, I think they did a good job in terms of the movie, Bella finding out that Edward is a vampire was more dramatic in the movie than it was in the book, but...I wish things were explained a little bit more.  I mean the movie was made for people who had already read the book.

I had no idea what was wrong with Edward when Bella walked in the room.  Someone told me that it was because he wanted to eat....errr...kill her so I was confused because he was sitting a classroom FULL of other people like her.  So it was things like that, that I didn't get until I read the book.

New Moon was not as bad as everyon…

Finale Season

Finale season is bittersweet, writers bring out their A Game or what they think is their A Game or in some cases their C Game and try to trick us into thinking it's their A Game and then you get nothing else until the Summer is over.

Why have I taken so long to write this blog?  If you haven't read my other blogs you'd know that I moved and it took us a week to get cable even though we called for the guys to come a week before we left, so I was all sorts of behind until recently.

Yay and then blech!

Let's start with the cancelled shows
-I didn't get to see the last three eps I'm still catching up

Melrose Place Finale
- It was awesome, not just because Nick Zanno got arrested but because Ella got Amanda arrested and those are two great things.  Because Amanda was terrible.

- It still stings that this show got cancelled, it could have picked up.  I know they changed the writing for the better, and I believe the writers were good at altering and fi…

Chuck Bartowski vs Chuck Bass

Whenever a Josh Schwartz character goes to Prague look out!  There's bound to be trouble.

I don't know why he doesn't like Prague.  Maybe he thought no one would notice, or maybe he was hoping we would, I don't know, but it's pretty freaking weird.

Chuck vs Prague  or What Happens in Prague

See how I did that?  Because Gossip Girl eps are always puns off of actual  Okay fine, I'll explain.

Taken from (

In Chuck vs The Pink Slip and in Chuck vs the Three Words, there was this whole thing about what happened in Prague!  That's when Chuck told Sarah he couldn't run away with her (tear) because he wanted to help people and not waste his potential.

That was sad.  But then Gossip Girl aired months later
With Chuck Bass, you know although some fans may argue that the worse thing that Chuck can do is sleep with Jenny Humphrey, but that didn't happen in Prague.  Chuck getting shot in Prague was…

Pretend Photographer Time!

First and foremost I am a writer, but I also like to be a photographer.  I've recently moved to Charleston, WV and so far I like it here.
Here's a few reasons why I like WV, I still like Philly, but I'm enjoying WV a little bit more
1.  I noticed that there's no emission stickers on the cars - less money out of my pocket
2. Car insurance is 3xs less here - I'm not exaggerating!
3.  This isn't a plus or a minus it's just an observation, I don't know if I'd get used to how friendly everyone is down here.  Everyone waves and speaks.  I used to think it was because they've mistaken me for someone else, but nope, they're just being....nice.  Weird.
My mom and I keep wondering why we haven't run into rush hour, until we realized that in a city that doesn't have more than a million people living in it, that THAT was rush hour.
4.  I think I've seen one scribbling of grafitti Now onto the sights, I got a few pictures, and I got a lot of stares …

New Old Playlist ;)

It's short but I'll add more later...

1.  Just an Illusion - Imagination

2.  Don't Look Any Further - Dennis Edwards

3.  Dynamite - Jermaine Jackson

4.  The Sea - Morcheeba

5.  Part-time Lover - Stevie Wonder

6.  Maybe We Can Take A Ride - Fergie

Why isn't that Fergie song longer?  It ends too soon.

Images of the Day

I was on facebook for the first time in like a week, my friend Rasheed had this picture of the Phoenix up and it finally clicked, I got the inspiration for four of my main characters from her storyline, but instead of mutants their aliens and the storyline is really different, you'd have to read the Visions of Koto-Ryin to really get it.

I got the picture from here -

May 2010: My Relationships with Phones

I think being a receptionist has ruined my relationship with phones, and therefore some people that I know. ;P sorry.

I don't like phones.  Probably because when at work a phone ringing usually means that
a) someone wants something from me
b) a harassing bill collector (yes people have called the front desk looking for employees to harass)
c) to get yelled at
d) call and then hang up when I answer.

So, now when my own freakin cell phone rings it's usually my sister, she always complains about why I don't answer.  And I don't know why I don't answer.  I think it's because mostly, I don't have anything to say.

There's this strange belief among some of the people that I know, they actually believe that I'm interesting.  I'm really not, well not to other people anyway.  pfft, lol!

What usually happens is I end up letting the other person talk.  And I'm silent.  Which causes them to believe that I'm bored.  No...not true.  I'm listening…

A Moment with My Brother

We're cleaning.  We'll I'm cleaning he's holding the bag.  But in his defense, he's got to carry those heavy bags.

Him:  I want to be knighted.  Like that Sir Ian guy from X-men

Me: You mean the one from Lord of the Rings?

Him: No the one from X-men

Me: That's the same guy

Him:  .....

Me: ..... You can't be knighted, you weren't born in Britain that's a British thing.  They've been talking about knighting Bono but he's not British.

Him:  Well, I just go to Britain become a citizen and THEN get knighted.

Me:  Let me get this straight.  You're going to leave home, fly to Britain, live there for awhile, JUST so that you can get knighted?  Right after the ceremony you're going to hop on a plane and come back to America?

Him:  Yup

Me:  This is a stupid conversation.

Him: No it isn't.

(Our dad from the other room) Yes.  It is.

I hope you enjoyed that moment with my brother, who celebrates his 23rd birthday on the 8th, yay LJ!