May 2010: My Relationships with Phones

I think being a receptionist has ruined my relationship with phones, and therefore some people that I know. ;P sorry.

I don't like phones.  Probably because when at work a phone ringing usually means that
a) someone wants something from me
b) a harassing bill collector (yes people have called the front desk looking for employees to harass)
c) to get yelled at
d) call and then hang up when I answer.

So, now when my own freakin cell phone rings it's usually my sister, she always complains about why I don't answer.  And I don't know why I don't answer.  I think it's because mostly, I don't have anything to say.

There's this strange belief among some of the people that I know, they actually believe that I'm interesting.  I'm really not, well not to other people anyway.  pfft, lol!

What usually happens is I end up letting the other person talk.  And I'm silent.  Which causes them to believe that I'm bored.  No...not true.  I'm listening, I just don't have anything to contribute.  It makes me feel the way I did in elementary school, a lot of the kids' parents were either divorced, getting divorced or never married, so I made for horrible conversation when it came to that sort of thing.  My parents have been married for 25 years and known each other for much longer than that.  So I usually end up just sitting there without anything to say.  Which caused comments like, "That Lauren girl is weird."

What am I supposed to say?  Wow, that really sucks for your parents but my folks are great and we're going on vacation this summer.  You can't say that.  Sometimes I find myself in those situations.

So imagine me having that type of conversation over the phone.


Tomorrow we leave.  Maybe people from WV aren't good phone people either.  I still haven't gotten a call for a job.  Looks like we'll be harassing people for work Monday or Tuesday.


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