New Old Playlist ;)

It's short but I'll add more later...

1.  Just an Illusion - Imagination

2.  Don't Look Any Further - Dennis Edwards

3.  Dynamite - Jermaine Jackson

4.  The Sea - Morcheeba

5.  Part-time Lover - Stevie Wonder

6.  Maybe We Can Take A Ride - Fergie

Why isn't that Fergie song longer?  It ends too soon.

Images of the Day

I was on facebook for the first time in like a week, my friend Rasheed had this picture of the Phoenix up and it finally clicked, I got the inspiration for four of my main characters from her storyline, but instead of mutants their aliens and the storyline is really different, you'd have to read the Visions of Koto-Ryin to really get it.

I got the picture from here -


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