Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy

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Anthologies of the Spiral Galaxy

Ten stories from the imagination of father/daughter authors Lawrence and Lauren Johnson, that take place in the Escape 2 Earth Universe.

Some previously released and some unreleased, but all are exciting adventures!

Short Stories  

This short story takes place after Return 2 Earth, but in the story they're are NO spoilers for Return 2 Earth. So you can read it at any time of the series.

Planet of Doom
- Intergalactic Detective Da'Quan must escape the planet Akanon where the androids have taken over and are planning to leave the planet in the hopes of destroying life in the universe.

Terror on Telderan
- Short story that revolves around the demise of Telderan, also known as Planet X, and how it had come to spin off of it's axis before it crashed into Earth in Escape 2 Earth, we see it from the point of view of Planetary Alliance members who soon formed Earth's Guardians.

Danger on Deltor        
-Deltorians are under attack by an old foe with the usage of chemical warfare, it's up to the Four Warriors of Deltor to rescue the planet from their enemies.

Assault of the Telda    
-New enemies have arrived on Deltor, pretending to be Deltorians.  Shortly after Deltor was added to the Planetary Alliance a group of protesters formed to detach itself from the Planetary Alliance, the evil enemies of Deltor have used this weakness within the Deltorians for their own evil means.  The warrior Mallobo stumbles upon a secret and there's no solution in sight for him.

Murder on the Eros Star         
Da'Quan the intergalactic detective is up to bat in another case that involves murders on the space cruise ship the Eros Star, things become personal when his assistant Jada is attacked.


The Visions of Koto-Ryin
The Visions of Koto-Ryin     
The Visions of Koto-Ryin, is a collection of short stories that takes place after Return 2 Earth, when the assistant of an Elder, Koto-Ryin receives visions of her Deltorian ancestors from more than a hundred years ago. The five short stories are about the Deltorian Warriors, also known as the Delta Four who must protect Queen Lora and the citizens from Deltor from the ravenous bodiless beings known at the Revkar, the evil aliens called the Skyro, and any other creatures who are against the realm. Koto-Ryin doesn't know who to trust when she begins to receive these visions of her long hidden Deltorian history. She approaches the soon-to-be Oracle Nolan from the planet Xanar. And together the two travel to the past without being seen or heard and witness the events of the battles of these warriors.

Vision I: Battle at the Revkar Portal
Vision II:  Attack of the Skyro        
Vision III:  The Vadarian Nightmare
Vision IV: The Return of the Skyro
Vision V: Double Crossed on Kitnar 


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