A Moment with My Brother

We're cleaning.  We'll I'm cleaning he's holding the bag.  But in his defense, he's got to carry those heavy bags.

Him:  I want to be knighted.  Like that Sir Ian guy from X-men

Me: You mean the one from Lord of the Rings?

Him: No the one from X-men

Me: That's the same guy

Him:  .....

Me: ..... You can't be knighted, you weren't born in Britain that's a British thing.  They've been talking about knighting Bono but he's not British.

Him:  Well, I just go to Britain become a citizen and THEN get knighted.

Me:  Let me get this straight.  You're going to leave home, fly to Britain, live there for awhile, JUST so that you can get knighted?  Right after the ceremony you're going to hop on a plane and come back to America?

Him:  Yup

Me:  This is a stupid conversation.

Him: No it isn't.

(Our dad from the other room) Yes.  It is.

I hope you enjoyed that moment with my brother, who celebrates his 23rd birthday on the 8th, yay LJ!


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