The Twilight Saga

In celebration of the Eclipse Movie coming out I decided to read the Eclipse novel, but then I thought, that's stupid to just read one book in a series, so I figured I'd have to read the first two books so I wouldn't miss stuff in the third.

I'm more than halfway through Breaking Dawn so it's safe to say that Eclipse is my favorite book.

Twilight was good, I liked it, I think they did a good job in terms of the movie, Bella finding out that Edward is a vampire was more dramatic in the movie than it was in the book, but...I wish things were explained a little bit more.  I mean the movie was made for people who had already read the book.

I had no idea what was wrong with Edward when Bella walked in the room.  Someone told me that it was because he wanted to eat....errr...kill her so I was confused because he was sitting a classroom FULL of other people like her.  So it was things like that, that I didn't get until I read the book.

New Moon was not as bad as everyone said it was.  Those people must've been Team Edward people, because I liked it.  I think I like New Moon better than the movie.  That whole Jacob freaking out at the movies thing - didn't happen, and him stalking her at school to bring her a birthday present -didn't happen.  Book Jacob is a whole lot better than movie Jacob.  I don't have anything against Taylor, it's the translation of the writing that makes me say - why did they do that?  That wasn't in the book.

It made me so sad when Bella was just standing there in the rain all sad when Jake sent her away.  Aw.

I would have ripped the radio from my car too! lol

Eclipse is my favorite.  I like the whole reason for the name, Jacob is the sun in her life while Edward is an eclipse, eerie, lol.  Some people are like Jacob's a jerk in Eclipse, but so was Bella and so was Edward.  They were all jerks in their own ways, it's just that Jacob was more upfront about it.  I like this book because Rose removed the stick, from her you know where, and Jasper, he didn't try to kill Bella so that was also cool.  We got to learn more about the Cullens and the Werewolves, the book had everyone, everything and there was a balance.

I ended up reading Breaking Dawn right away because of the way Eclipse ended  It wasn't  a cliffhanger but it was just blah.  Breaking Dawn, may be my least favorite.  At first I thought, awesome!  There's a whole book here from Jacob's point of view.  But Jacob's point of view doesn't mean anything to me if it's him protecting Bella while she has this baby for what felt like forever.  I was all into it when he broke away, became the Alpha and had his own Leah/Seth crew which grew later.  But then I thought, this the whole book?  I remember when I was reading the first three and I couldn't wait until it got quiet so I can start reading it again, throughout the day I wondered, what Bella, Edward and Jacob were going to do next?  lol
But with Breaking Dawn I was kinda like, let me guess, Bella's having a baby, Bella had the baby, Bella's enjoying being a vampire, there was no more conflict for a good portion of the book.  I also had problems with Edward bruising Bella and she's all, tch, it's fine.  What!

I will probably be more into this Jacob Reneesme thing when she gets older, GRANTED, I'm only at the part when Alice and Jasper leave, which was a little hilarious.  I know my view on things is a little mixed up.  But I know she has something planned that she wants to keep a secret and Bella sucks at sneaking around so...unless something mind blowing happens in the last quarter of the book that blows away Eclipse, I'm pretty certain that Eclipse will stay my favorite, but you never know, Stephanie may surprise me.

I know in my other posts, I didn't much like Twilight, I had problems taking it serious because sparkling vampires?  But the books make a difference, there's a lot that's missing.  Like I said before the faster you realize that this is purely a love story, the faster you'll be able to enjoy it and see it for what it's meant to be.  And I make fun of it, which I still do, because if you can't make fun of your favorite show then you are far too serious.


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