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12 Calls That Make My Job Horrible

I decided to give my twitter friends a break and to complain about my job here on my blog. I'll get out of here soon, you'll see, and this will be

Top Annoying Calls
I wish my desk looked this nice.

1.) Did you call me? or Who this? - Whenever I hear those four words I just want to hang up. I have hung up. Because I get so tired of explaining that whenever someone calls from outside this building the front desk number comes up. So not only did I not call you, I have no clue or a care in the world as to who called you.

But the dog and pony show continues as I'm subjected to 'The Inquisition'. The Inquisition is when the caller plays detective and tries to find out who called them by inconveniencing me.
What is this place?
Where are you located?
Do you have someone named [insert name here] working there?
Who are you?
Are you sure you didn't call me?

And then I make attempts to get this person off of the phone.
If they didn't leave a message mayb…

Not all bad

After I got yelled at by the mean resident I got a free pretzel and free chocolate so I'm better now.

Glee Auditions!

If Glee was having a stand there and look pretty auditions I'd so do it.

But I'm not a great singer or dancer.  I do okay in both fields.  I excel at the writing aspect over signing in dancing, but that's not going to stop me from spreading the word.  Because I'm a Gleek, lol.

Glee Open Casting Call Video with Matthew Morrison

Glee Auditions | MySpace Video

I was friend requested by Glee Auditions (and they say there's no one left on myspace)

So I'm passing along the word.  It looks like fun so if you have a passion for signing or dancing go for it.

List of audition songs:
And I Am Telling You I'm Not GoingDreamgirls Gold Digger (Radio Version)Kayne West RehabAmy Winehouse You Can't Always Get What You WantThe Rolling Stones Can't Fight This Feeling REO Speedwagon Don't Rain On My ParadeBarbra Streisand Hate On MeJill Scott Keep Holding OnAvril Lavigne Lean On MeBill Wither True ColorsPhil Collins

Gossip Girl: XOXO?

Even though Gossip Girl was good last night.  I just found out it reached a new series low.  Sucks.

It was very Shakespearean and the only reason why GG may be considered Shakespearean and not Jerry Springer is because these people are rich.

The whole thing about Jack aka MacBeth, coming along and taking away Chuck's kingdom?  I think that the problem with this year's Gossip Girl is the structure.

1.) Things are taking too long.  Yes, I'm adding in the insane three month break that I know the writers probably could not factor into the story, it's just annoying all the same.

2.) Where in the world is Gossip Girl?  The girls from Columbia in last night's episode should have been wondering if Gossip Girl was dead instead of Blair.

So what's going on?

Jack is back and he's gross and slimy so that's always good for a good storyline.

Blair's going to Columbia? - Okay fine.

Vanessa is going out with Dan.  No excuse me, I'm sorry, Vanessa is settling fo…

Chuck is a Real Spy

Now even though 24 made me sleepy last night Chuck did not.
Chuck vs The American Hero

The whole twist about Sarah and Shaw's wife is what great tv is made of, lol.  If you say 'I knew it.' I won't believe you, there were no clues that gave this away but I like it.

I am disheartened about Sarah and how she looks.  I know what it's like to be a girl, I should because I am one and the show is called Chuck so we're looking at things from how Chuck sees them, but Sarah is starting to annoy me in the way I was annoyed with Kate.

Sawyer...Jack...Sawyer...Jack...Sawyer...I mean I stopped watching but it looks like even Sawyer got tired of Kate and went to an alternate time line to get away from her because she couldn't make up her friggin mind.

I know Kate is nothing like Sarah, but the way the writing's been going, I can't help but wonder, by can't Sarah just be alone?  It just looks like she can't be alone.  I know it's not in the best intere…

24 Cancelled

So of course, as soon as I finally like an episode of this season and post a blog praising it for finally something interesting happening, five days later it's canceled.

Goodbye 24.

Now, they're talking about doing a movie.  Okay fine. But let me tell you why no one is really outraged about the cancellation.

1) 8 years is a great run for any tv show.  So bravo.

2) It's been sucking since they got rid of CTU and made Tony evil.  It still had a chance after they killed Palmer only because Logan was freaking insane.  I love watching that guy.  He was terrific he was always panicking and...those were great times.

3) That season when Jack got that disease, it was uneventful because everyone, EVERYONE knew that he wasn't going to die so why are we watching this?

This season has been a bunch of nothing, the only exciting episode was when the President's daughter was being kidnapped by Terrorist Tarin and she had no idea and then that emp went off.  I thought that meant th…

I'll Miss You Unnamed Resident

Why is it all the good ones who move away or die?

I'm left with the one, who waits until the last minute to go to dinner to yell at the kitchen staff about wanting to go home.

Or with the ones who think I'm here to serve them tea all shift long.

Or with the one who picks up a pastry eats half of it and then runs his chocolate stained hands across the wall.

I'll miss you sweetest resident I've ever met.  You provided me with great stories of your life and you gave me compliments whenever I was feeling sad or feeling like quitting, which really is whenever I get here.

----On another note a home care health aide stopped by, she can't find her resident, she just came by the desk.  I resisted the urge to ask, what the hell were you doing for a half hour?

Being a Receptionist

It seems like there are many misconceptions about being a receptionist.  Is it a gravy job that allows me to sit here and write a blog about the misconceptions there are about being a receptionist -- yes.  But it's not without it's drawbacks.

And by drawbacks I mean, situations that test 'how badly do I need this job' vs 'I'm really going to drop this m-fer right here and now'.

There is this resident, whom frankly, I don't see how he's eluded jail or murder long enough to make it into a nursing home to begin with.  He's a mean, minority hater, woman hater.  Since I am both a minority and a woman I go strictly into the red column.  Not to mention the fact that he was terribly mean before he got old so now he's an angry, old guy...great.

Couple this with the fact that one of my favorite residents moved out, she is...she's great.  She's sweet, she's polite. I'll miss her, but while I was mourning the departure of the better reas…

6 Worst Deaths on TV

6. Cordelia
Season 4, was just so...strange.  I know Angel fans beat this into the ground, was!  It was strange.  And then we had the strange season 5, but we had Spike so it was okay.  Because he was hilarious.  But Cordelia dies and it was so sad.  I would have just preferred it if she stayed in the coma, lol.

5. Paul
What the world was that about?  I didn't even like Paul like that.  And then bang he was gone.  So crazy.

4. Alex
Again, what in the world?  Alex and Isabel were supposed to be together.  Although I did warm to the idea of she and Kyle getting together later on it just seemed like they were great for one another. Then it was weird because how can your friends not notice that you've been acting strangely.  Poor Alex.  I missed him in season 3.

3. The Doctor - David Tennant
I was so sad!  That was terrible.  David is such a great actor that the whole scene just made me want to do something about it.  Call up Russell T Davies and say hey!  You can't …

FlashForward: Something, Something, Something Dark Matter?

Darn Robert J. Sawyer, it's just another idea in the group of ideas I wish I had come up with first.  Flash Forward is such a good idea.  Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty okay with the current ideas that I've developed, if there was only a way that I can manipulate dark matter into going backwards so that I can be there sitting behind him when he comes up with the idea, knock him in the head and propel back to the future with the idea.  But I wouldn't do it, there's this pesky thing that my parents taught me called honesty.  I can't believe them.

I was re-watching the last two aired eps of FlashForward (Revelation Zero) and I realized, I thought that if I paid closer attention that I would be able to understand, just what the heck this science talk means.  I'm not good at science.  I understand science, but I also understand how to drive a car, it doesn't mean that I can tell you how the car works.  I sought out the answer to this question because I …

24 was awsome last Monday!

I've been complaining about 24 since about the second or third episode.  We're 12 episodes in already, half the season and not much has happened and when it does it leads to nothing.  I thought it was really cool when Cole saved the President from the terrorist and I thought, Cole is the new Chase except for that thing that happened to his hand and with Kim.  Yay!  Freddie Prinze Jr.  And then we rarely see him and when we do he's with his simple girlfriend Dana aka Jenny from the block and she's always with her creepy coworker/stalker Arlo.

We're we last left off Eddie from True Blood is a real go getter parole officer who shows up to her job at ungodly hours of the night demanding information from Dana.  Uhh, we're in the middle of a crisis, I'll give you a call tomorrow.  Why couldn't she just say or do that, none of that made any sense.  And he's really creepy.  The way he talks about the videos and the way he questions her, he's really eeri…

My Buffy Theory

This may have been addressed elsewhere seeing as the show has been off the air since...2003?  I think it was 2003 so that's a good 7 years that people have had time to talk about this to death, but I read on a recent thread that someone thought that there was a glaring mistake all through the last season.

That Buffy came back alive without another Slayer to take her place.  A lot of people say it was poor writing or a mistake.  I think the last season rocked, which is also why Angel suffered because the good writers can't all be in one place.  Sometimes I pretend that season four of Angel didn't happen, it's a happier place, a place where things make sense and your favorite characters aren't engaging in statutory rape.  But I'm out of that place now and back on topic.

I think another slayer didn't take Buffy's place when she died the second time because a) it was a mystical death and b) she had already died before so therefore she didn't register in …

My FlashForward Theory

I started watching this show because it was based on a book.  And in my opinion tv shows that are based on books are always better than tv shows that are put together season by season.  The outline is already done by the author so just stick to it. (Roswell, one of my favorites.  The Unit, Gossip Girl, True Blood, the very, very short lived Dresden Files, and only one ep of Justified has aired already but I like it so far.)

I remember back in December when I saw the last episode of FlashForward for 2009 and when the announcer guy told us that FlashForward wouldn't return until March of 2010 I shouted "What!"  I couldn't believe I had to wait that long for one of my favorite shows to return to television.

But as they say, 'The wait is over.' and FlashForward is back.

I'm glad that I avoid spoilers because I'm surprised to see some of these people on the show, Michael Ealy (Splinter Cell and November), Dominic Monaghan (Lost) and Shohreh Aghdashloo (Sist…

More on Black People and Science Fiction

Apparently publishing companies thinks more books will sell if there's a white person on the cover versus a black one.

This is one awesome cover!  What reader wouldn't buy this book?

Here's the link to author Maurice Broaddus' blog called the Cover Stimulus Package 

Other covers that were changed.  Liar.  Same book even though the story is about an African American woman.

 Here's what Justine Larbalestier had to say about her cover art on Jezebel's Blog

And here's Another Cover Fail From Bloomsbury USA
Pretty self explanatory.

It's 2010 Get With the Program!

It's 2010 and I was shocked to hear that women have problems when it comes to producing and writing plays.  I thought that it was just difficult to produce a play no matter who you were but after I read what happened to Theresa Rebeck I was surprised.

Text of Theresa Rebeck Laura Pels Keynote Address
I was later surprised by my own surprise but I'll get to that in a moment.  I think that it was terrible that the play closed due to the bad review.  Thinking about this from a publicity point of view I think that they should have kept it open, promoted it as a controversial play.  But from a writer's point of view, anything that I write I don't want it to be controversial, but at the same time I would like for my play to stay open!

I should not have been surprised by the negative review that the playwright received or the things that were said and done to her after wards.  Hopefully no one will be crazy enough to accuse her of being an emotional woman, who's claims a…

Things that I Want But Probably Won't Get - TV Wise

1. A Supernatural Movie - I'll take one that follows John's life after Mary.

2.  A Dollhouse Movie - To make up for my dissatisfaction of the series' finale.

3. Angel - A singing episode like "One More With Feeling" but on Angel

4. Roswell Movie - They have tons of unfinished business

5.  Dark Angel Movie - They have tons of unfinished business too and the actors/actresses aren't getting any younger

6.  A Xander Special - it seems like he got cooler after the series ended, pfft

7 Heros I Would Not Like to Be Rescued By

This is in no order whatsoever

1.  Ryan Wolfe and Natalia
This dude is always getting stuff wrong.  And the other guy on the show, the new guy, keeps having to explain things to him.  He's the new Speed to me, he can't see, he's always judging other people.  No, leave me there and let an adult (Horatio or Calleigh) come save me.

And Natalia can't hear.  And she's always doing stuff she shouldn't be doing and asking questions that she really shouldn't be asking.

2. Casey from Chuck
Sure, we watch the show, we know Casey.  We know what he's like.  It's funny.  It's a funny show.  But if this were real life and Casey were rescuing me I'd be afraid of him.  He's a bit scary.  With his growling and whatnot. 

3.  Season 4 Sam
That dude was trippin.  He was turning on Dean hanging out with Ruby.  I bet Jared Padalecki wrote the script for season four.  "And Sam spends more time with the demon Ruby who is played by actress Genevieve Cortese…

People are Strange

They are.  They are strange.

There's not much happening on the weekends, it gives me time to write to you guys.  Enjoy the blogs below.

Danneel Brings Out the Haters

I don't know know why people hate Danneel Harris.

Oh wait a second yes I do.  lol!

Because of that guy.  Well, if you're into handsome, nice guys, then whatever.

But what I don't get is the reasoning behind the twitter attacks.  What's happening?  Is there a "Yeah!  I sure showed her!"  moment that happens?  Yup, you got her!  You got her good!  She won't be able to get up in the morning.  Darn, your plan, you succeeded.

Sarcasm is so much harder to get across over the internet.

My point is this, Dear Danneel, don't give into the haters by answering them on twitter or anywhere else for that matter!  But DO answer the people who actually cheer for you. Be happy!  Happy early birthday.  And don't delete your twitter account like you erased your facebook account last March (if that was really you).  Keep sharing your puppy pictures with us and anything else you may see and feel the need to share.  I'm a receptionist at an old folks home I need so…

Three TV Pilots

TV Pilot News - Unconfirmed if these shows have been picked up yet.

Fran Kranz (Dollhouse) and Danneel Harris (Harold and Kumar Movies)
These two are in a pilot for a comedy tv show called "Friends with Benefits".  Wasn't that a tv show just called "Friends"?

The title of the show bothers me, as that phrase and type of relationship has always bothered me, but it's a tv show, don't worry about me, I will get over it.

What is the show about?

“Benefits,” directed by David Dobkin, explores romance through the eyes of five friends, each looking for “the one” but in the meantime settling for “friends with benefits.” It centers on Ben (Adams), an Everyman who, while waiting for Ms. Perfect to come along, enjoys a relationship with Sara (Harris), a doctor trying to find Mr. Right.

Well see if it gets picked up.  I think every pilot should get a chance.  Air it on tv instead of running a rerun that everyone's seen already.  The networks are always decidin…

My Own Version of The Count of Monte Cristo

I really want to be like Jim Caviezel.  He pretty much had a sh!t list.  And even though I wasn't sent to jail.  I pretty much feel like I'm in jail every time I have to go to work.  It's a whole thing about me not reaching my full potential here, but anyway.  There are people who want me to fail.  How do I know this?  They've told me so, through words and actions.

Would it really have killed her to write me that letter of recommendation?  And let's not even go into all the connections I know you've made and I didn't even ask about that, just a letter.  I know you don't owe me anything, so it's ok.  I don't wish you any ill will, and you're not even on my list, you haven't done anything to stop me, but you sure didn't do anything to help either.

And even though, unlike Jim Caviezel I wasn't sent to jail I have a list as well.

I plan on leaving this city.  It sucks here.  Crime is not as high as it used to be but still high noneth…

John Barrowman...John Barrowman!!

He's going to be on Desperate Housewives soon. March 21st.  Yay!

I'm the only one in my house who's really happy about this.  He is one of my favorite actors and I'm pretty picky about that sort of thing.  What I mean by favorite is, no matter what they're in, I'm going to watch it.  So it's pretty much a treat for one of my favorite actors to be on one of my favorite shows.

It sucks the way that he's coming into the show...I don't want to elaborate on his role and who he has a connection with, but I'm good with him just showing up at all.

He is my introduction into the Doctor Who world.  I first started watching Doctor Who through Torchwood and at first I hated him.  Captain Jack was so bossy and into himself, but he kinda won me over with his silly stories about himself and his leadership of the team.  Besides I felt he was doing a pretty good job as leader of such a messed up group, lol.

And then I HAD TO KNOW where he went at the end of seas…

Angel: The Vampire with a Soul

Don't you love those contradictions?  He's a vampire but he has a soul and I thought - how lame? lol, and then I saw the show.

I really ought to stop watching tv shows backwards.  I watched Torchwood then Doctor Who, I watched Angel then Buffy.  I'm a very odd person, I know this.

But I love Angel, especially the beginning.  I think they show may have been better without Connor and Jasmine.
If Connor was left on his own and not the major thread of the story line I think it may have been okay.  But Connor was severely over-hyped.  I think more thought was put into the legend of Connor than Connor himself.  I think the ep Bargaining and Fred's all infected and she's like "The destroyer." I was like, cool!  Enough of this Fred, Gunn, Wesley love triangle.  And the Angel/Cordy crap.  Let's get to the destroyer and then he arrives!

He slaps this creature in the face and that was the peak of Connor.  Everything afterwards just made him a crazy, whiny, vampi…

The Day So Far

I woke up today, groggy from the medication, I planned to have an undisturbed good night's rest while two of my four impacted wisdom teeth had other plans.  After awhile of sitting in my room thinking of new stories and how to improve the already written ones, I knew that I had to leave the comfort of my room to continue to start the day.  A day that I hoped would bring happiness and joy instead brought the same annoyances the previous days have brought.

I came downstairs to learn that the book proposal had been rejected by another publishing company.  The response is always the same, that they're not looking for the type of book that we have at this time.  It's annoying because they never really tell you why.  It's like a teacher I had once.  She would grade the tests but not tell us what we got right or wrong.  The entire situation was ridiculous.  What is the point of the test if we don't learn from our mistakes if we don't learn what to improve upon?

Fumes …