7 Heros I Would Not Like to Be Rescued By

This is in no order whatsoever

1.  Ryan Wolfe and Natalia
This dude is always getting stuff wrong.  And the other guy on the show, the new guy, keeps having to explain things to him.  He's the new Speed to me, he can't see, he's always judging other people.  No, leave me there and let an adult (Horatio or Calleigh) come save me.

And Natalia can't hear.  And she's always doing stuff she shouldn't be doing and asking questions that she really shouldn't be asking.

2. Casey from Chuck
Sure, we watch the show, we know Casey.  We know what he's like.  It's funny.  It's a funny show.  But if this were real life and Casey were rescuing me I'd be afraid of him.  He's a bit scary.  With his growling and whatnot. 

3.  Season 4 Sam
That dude was trippin.  He was turning on Dean hanging out with Ruby.  I bet Jared Padalecki wrote the script for season four.  "And Sam spends more time with the demon Ruby who is played by actress Genevieve Cortese.  I have no personal interest of my own for choosing her for this role."  Guys don't start it's a joke, I know he has no control over who gets what role...or does he?

4. Season 1-5 Xander
I wouldn't want to be rescued by him!  He was always getting hit and beat up and passing out and whatever.  I mean I'd probably get rescued because he's good at staving until the slayer gets there, but would I be all in once piece?

5. Connor
Was Connor supposed to be that creepy?!  He was another one who was just...if I was in a waiting room with that guy I would seriously consider getting and leaving.  He creeps me out.  And now he's going to rescue me?  Sure I'd use him to fight off the vampires while I got away, but I wouldn't go anywhere with that guy.

6. Topher
Serious morality issues aside, he sucks.  Sure I'd get him to fix my computer but anything other beyond that.  No way.

7. Any of the Heroes
They've all been sucking.  The show's been sucking so much, I've been rooting for Sylar almost the whole time.  Especially that loser Parkman.  Can't he do anything right?!


  1. A favorite scene of mine with Connor was when he was rescuing a couple whose vehicle had been attacked by vampires. When Connor was done killing/driving off the bad guys, the couple seemed more creeped out by Connor than the vampires!

    I have mixed feelings about Connor. I thought Vincent Kartheiser was terrific, while the character was so repulsive I almost couldn't watch him at times.


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