FlashForward: Something, Something, Something Dark Matter?

Darn Robert J. Sawyer, it's just another idea in the group of ideas I wish I had come up with first.  Flash Forward is such a good idea.  Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty okay with the current ideas that I've developed, if there was only a way that I can manipulate dark matter into going backwards so that I can be there sitting behind him when he comes up with the idea, knock him in the head and propel back to the future with the idea.  But I wouldn't do it, there's this pesky thing that my parents taught me called honesty.  I can't believe them.

I was re-watching the last two aired eps of FlashForward (Revelation Zero) and I realized, I thought that if I paid closer attention that I would be able to understand, just what the heck this science talk means.  I'm not good at science.  I understand science, but I also understand how to drive a car, it doesn't mean that I can tell you how the car works.  I sought out the answer to this question because I watched Angels and Demons last night and I also got the whole thing about the 'God Particle' I hate that name too, but it's easy to remember.  So I thought, I really need to read up on what this stuff is and what's going on.  So, while I can tell you what happened scientifically fictionally what happened on FlashForward, I cannot pull out a blackboard and explain it to you.

I'll leave that up to this guy.  Andrew Zimmerman Jones What is Tachyonic Dark Matter?

I could be completely wrong about how I interpreted the show and his post on the answer, but it would seem that the people that Uncle Teddy's (middleman/bad guy) employers have started an experiment to find fast moving energy.  At the same time as that experiment was going on whatever Lloyd was doing amplified what the other scientists were doing.  Instead of projecting our actual selves or the Earth into the future, the human race mentally jumped into the future with the use of something, something, something, science talk. 

I really hate it when people talk down to me, but there are certain cases where there are exceptions, if I really, really don't understand something, you have permission to break it down for me.  But I think I have a round about idea of what happened.

But I'm afraid for the public, I'm not kidding.  I wonder how many people are out there that think that there's some mad scientist somewhere who think that this can really happen?


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