24 was awsome last Monday!

I've been complaining about 24 since about the second or third episode.  We're 12 episodes in already, half the season and not much has happened and when it does it leads to nothing.  I thought it was really cool when Cole saved the President from the terrorist and I thought, Cole is the new Chase except for that thing that happened to his hand and with Kim.  Yay!  Freddie Prinze Jr.  And then we rarely see him and when we do he's with his simple girlfriend Dana aka Jenny from the block and she's always with her creepy coworker/stalker Arlo.

We're we last left off Eddie from True Blood is a real go getter parole officer who shows up to her job at ungodly hours of the night demanding information from Dana.  Uhh, we're in the middle of a crisis, I'll give you a call tomorrow.  Why couldn't she just say or do that, none of that made any sense.  And he's really creepy.  The way he talks about the videos and the way he questions her, he's really eerie.  She keeps calling Cole while he's actually working.

It was pretty hilarious when the little terrorist who couldn't shot up a dead man, then tried to detonate the explosive (it didn't work! lol), and then tried to kill himself by jumping out of the window, only to realize he's on about the second floor, he runs BACK into the hospital, yeah, that's right, only to barricade himself inside one of the hospital rooms.  Long story less than longer than what it is, he manages to kill no one but himself.  Wow, sometimes I miss Tony.

But when the President's daughter got kidnapped and when her boyfriend tricked her like that.  It was good it was real good.  It was even better when that EMP blast went off.  What was that dude thinking, nine seconds left and he's all "I can stop it."  I was thinking, "You mean your heart?"

We'll find out what happens next tomorrow!


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